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Hello, and welcome to Yamcha's Anime universe! Some of you may know me from visiting my Myotaku page (username: Yamchaa), but if you havent visited or dont know me, then thats cool too lol. Im a big anime fan and ive been one for as long as i can remember. I collect anime movies, magazines, figures, all things related to anime, and im proud to say that i have a pretty hefty and diverse anime collecion which is usually constantly growing, and with this new world i hope to make new friends and spread my knowledge of anime to whoever may need it ^_^


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I'm just watching a dream...........

Hello evceryone, It looks like its time for my daily post again lol. Its good to be here (as usual) and im still reeling from all the great support ive been getting here on my world with my posts, wallpapers and cards ^^ I've really been having a great time creating and interacting with the new people ive come to know here as my friends. Speaking of wallpapers, I just finished creating and uploading yet another one lol. this one has a Cowboy Bebop theme to it, so im hoping some people will like it , even though its kinda plain and straight forward lol. While i was working last night, i figured id give Cowboy Bebop a try when i got home. Most of the scense/clips are from episode 5 - Ballad of the Fallen Angels, one of my favorites ^^

Yesterday after i posted , i ended up laying down and watching Blue Seed (yet again) lol. I made it through one more episode before i fell asleep yet again, as well, but i suppose at least im making some progress on the series. A couple more episodes and ill be on disc 3! As of right now , Im probably about to lay down and watch some anime. Im kinda hung between Blue seed, Zoids, and RahXephon, ill probably just close my eyes, mix them up and grab one to make it fair lol.

Other than that, i havent really been up to much. During the week i pretty much take it easy since i work nights, so i apologize for the somewhat un-interesting and rambling posts throughout the week lol. I just wanted you all to know so you wouldnt think i wasnt interested or anything :) alot of my best posts will probably be on the weekend, but im going to try and make a wallpaper everday of a different anime, and i think tommorrow ill be doing a Thundercats wallpaper! so be on the lookout for that lol. the wallpaper after that will probably be from Evangelion, I was browsing my dvds earlier thinking of which one id like to make wallpapers with and i really like the idea of making a wallpaper for Evangelion and Escaflowne, so those are 2 future possibilities for sure within the next couple of days :)

Well i think thats gonna be it for todays post, i dont want to start rambling thats for sure lol. I thank you all for visiting though, and i hope you all are enjoying my wallpapers, cards and fan art! Feel free to let me know if any of you have any ideas for which anime i should make a wallpaper for next!

Thanks for visitng and i hope to chat soon !

stay strong,



Hello everyone,

It's good to be posting again today :) The past week ive been amazing myself with all the work ive been doing around this world and all the interaction with new friends that ive had the privelidge of meeting each new day ^^ I cant begin to describe the feeling ive been feeling the past few days thats for sure lol. First of all id like to thank all the people for their feedback on my wallpapers and my card, and it's been awesome taking the time to create one each day (which i hope to continue to do each day). I know they seem pretty simple, but its a nice step for me in a creative direction and i look to broaden my horizons in due time ^^

When i got home from work this morning, i created another Gundam 0083 wallpaper and im glad to say that i really enjoyed making this one. Ive always been a fan of the collage/montage type of art, especially when its from a series that i truly enjoy to the fullest capacity. I hope other fans appreciate it as much as i do, even if it is somewhat simple and not as high-tech looking as some of the ones ive seen on theotaku in general lol. It's special and i suppose thats what counts ^^

Earlier this morning i while visiting a friend's myotaku page, i found out that he hadnt been feeling too good today, so i figured id use this post to bring him up a little and it was also the inspiration for the name of the post, as well as the picture at the top of the post. i felt that the picture alone stood for alot of things. I searched my DB/DBZ dvds until i could find a suitable picture that felt right and when i found this one from "Bojack Unbound" It seemed perfect, Yamcha and Tien always there, standing their ground for their friend aginst impossible odds . So this one's for you Xaos, get well soon and know im always here if you need me :)

As for yesterday afternoon, I didnt do much after i worked on my world and stuff. I had to work last night, so around 3 or 4 in the afternoon i ended up laying down and watching some Blue Seed. I only made it through one episode though lol, I had passed out during the intro of the next one lol. Last night at work wasnt all that eventful, mondays are usually slow - plus i didnt take my Xbox or PS2 - I only took a handful of wrestling dvds lol. So me and my friend that is also a fan of wrestling just watched a couple matches while on lunch lol. Tonight ill probably take my Xbox and play some ESPN NFL 2K5, its a pretty cool football game :) Since i got home this morning ive pretty much been lazy for the most part except for making the wallpaper and browsing through dvds for screenshots to save lol. Im probably going to lay down and watch some more Blue Seed and/or RahXephon in a little bit, I just had to post for you guys first! ^_^

Well i think thats about it for today, I thank you all for visiting and im always grateful for the cool friends and the great feedback ^^ I hope to chat with you all later!

stay strong,


I took your happiness, Now I have become it

Hello everyone,

This past weekend has been really great, but before i get started, id like to thank all of the people who have been taking the time to visit my anime World and Myotaku and have been giving me feedback as well as have been subscribing :) This weekend was really productive. I managed to make some cool new friends here and in turn they have moved me back into the swing of my old anime swashbuckling was lol. Yesterday i found myself watching anime dvds until i fell asleep lol. Im also proud to say that i managed to create a wallpaper and a card yesterday. They are pretty simple in nature, but it was still fun to create something for the first time in years, thats for sure :)

After i finished posting yesterday, and made my visits to other worlds on theotaku - messaging, commenting, etc. I found myself pulling out anime dvds, trying to make a choice of what to watch first lol. I always hate having to choose, and yesterday was no different lol. I put a stack of about 10 dvds on my computer desk and started browsing the otaku to see if anything would spark an intent to watch any of the certain dvds i had in front of me, and almost immediately i got messages from Xaos and Ryosuke(sp) Forever. they gave me opinions on what i should watch next and took it to consideration immediately lol. First i watched "Samurai X: Trust and betrayal", then i watched "Serial Experiments Lain: volume 2", then "MADLAX: volume 1". I was just starting to watch some episodes of "Blue Seed" when i finally fell asleep lol. I had a great time though, I really enjoyed Samurai x trust & betrayal. i have the directors cut, so im not sure what is different about that version. If anyone knows, id sure like to know lol, i may look up on it sometime today ^^

"Serial Experiments Lain" was pretty wierd lol. i couldnt really catch on to it much, Id say partially due to the fact that i dont have and havent seen the first volume. I had always thought that it was the first volume but when i inspected the back of the case a little closer , i realized that my dvd started with episode 5 lol. It was still enjoyable though, id say its on a similar wavelength of GANTZ and .Hack//sign. Its quite intruiging thats for sure :)

Next was MADLAX. Ive had this dvd since it was first released and i had never watched it lol. even though i was pretty tired while i was watching it, it was still a great show. i found myself liking the opening and ending themes, so i may just try downloading them later on today lol. The dvd had alot of extra stuff on it though, like Japanese promos, sketches, an unused opening sequence and textless opening and ending animations, so all of that certainly added to the fun time i had watching this. It has violence, shooting, women kicking ass, so whats not to like? lol

The other dvds i pulled out were

ZOIDS : volumes 1 &2
Aura Battler Dunbine : volume 1
The 12 Kingdoms : volume 1, 2, &3
the Legend of Zelda: Gannons Evil Tower
RahXephon : volume 1 and 2
Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers Revenge

So i guess thats the list i'll be asking help to choose from today lol, so if you've seen any of these dvds and think they should be the next one i watch, feel free to let me know ^^ I enjoy all the feedback i can get and especially having conversations with other fans about series that we may have common interests in!

Oh yea, Id also like to thank Xaos for allowing me to guest post on his "StreetFighting in the world" otaku world. I had a blast, and i certainly look forward to doing again sometime soon :)

Well i suppose that will be it for today, I hope to chat with you all soon ^_^

stay strong,


Operation Stardust

"Operation Stardust Commence!"

Lol, i apologize for the enthusiasm, I just finished watching volume 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory and it always seems to get me excited and remind me why i really love anime. I mean seriously in my opinion this is the best Gundam series that i'm aware of. Sitting here in my room watching this dvd with my surround sound turned up with maximum bass gets me every time and i can never put my finger on why i love this series so much. Maybe it's the clarity of the animation, or the diverse characters, the agendas of each characters and their ultimate needs and goals, or quite possibly it is a culmination of them all. Whatever it is, i love it thats for sure. Sadly enough, i only own volume 1 and personally recorded the last 3 episodes of the series before it was taken off of Cartoon Network, however i believe that not owning the entire series somewhat helps me appreciate it alot more in the long run. In the mean time, I'm hoping to be able to create some wallpapers with some of the screenshots ive saved using my dvd drive and the snapshot feature on my dvd player program :) (the pic at the top of the post is a screenshot from the dvd) Im certainly hoping to be able to introduce more people to this series. These days most people are more interested in "Gundam Seed" and its variations of the Gundam universe, and alot of the fans today aren't really aware of some of the older series that paved the way for the newer Gundam shows and alot of other anime in general. So if you ever get the chance, and/or if you are a fan of Gundam, sci-fi, space or political related anime, I Highly reccomend that you take the time to check this series out, whether it's a couple of episodes or the whole enchilada, I can almost promise you that you'll enjoy every bit of it ^_^

As for today, Im not sure what i'll be doing to pass time lol. I may work on wallpapers and/or some cards to upload. Earlier this morning i uploaded a Record of Lodoss war wallpaper and Card, so im really excited about seeing what people think of them, although i admit they are somewhat simple, they are my first creations in that regard and im hoping for some feedback so that i can do better and learn more in the future ^^ Im also still at a standstill as to which anime dvd/vhs i should watch from my collection. As of right now im kinda leaning towards watching a few more episodes of "Blue Seed". Im currently on disc 2 of the box set, and ive been getting the urge to continue it from when i took a break a couple weeks ago. Im also curious about the "GANTZ" box set i have. It's a pretty crazy anime (ive watched volumes 1 & 2) and its quite violent, intenese, and adult oriented, and it always leaves you hanging and wondering what will happen next. Then there is the 3 box sets of the "Thundercats" that i havent gotten to yet. Anyone who's anyone knows how great the Thundercats are lol, so i guess i just have a decision to make ^^ In the meantime i thank you for visiting and i look forward to posting about more opinions, like/dislikes and randomness as soon as it comes to mind! ^^

Thanks again!


Destroy the Body...........to Save the Soul

Hello everyone, its good to be back with another post :) It's been a pretty eventful week or so since i last posted. Over the course of the week ive managed to find another good friend on Theotaku named Xoaos. We had a great chat a few days ago about alot of anime and videogame related stuff and it was a really good feeling, to just sit and chat with someone who was just as much a Street Fighter, Dragonball, and Lodoss war fan as i was lol. During our conversation he brought up the anime film "Legend of Crystania" and its relation to the Lodoss War story, which i am sad to say that i never noticed during the first time i watched the movie, and it inspired me to pull out my copy and watch it, so that i would really be able to appreciate it with mor understanding. To tell the truth, i enjoyed it alot more this time around and i actually found myself growing on a couple of characters, especially Ashram lol. Our converstaion also urged me to re-install my dvd drive back onto my computer, enabling me to save screenshots from my anime dvds for use in my posts and hopefully some wallpapers ill be trying to work on in the near future. Xaos certainly pulled me out of my dry spell that i was in. For a while i hadnt really been fully enjoying my anime stuff, and im glad to say that during our chat i regained the feeling that i use to get when i was really enjoying anime and i look forward to more of our chats in the future thats for sure :)

As for what ive been up to lately, I havent been up to much. Up at work while im on lunch, Ive been playing Halo 2 with a guy i work with. Weve been going through campaign mode cooperatively and its been pretty fun, even though ive beaten it a few times before lol. I also watched the anime move "Legend of Crystania" which I really enjoyed. I remember the first time i watched it a year or so ago, i was cleaning and i wasnt really paying attention, so actually taking the time to sit down and watch it was definitely worthwhile :)

Right now im kinda at a standstill with what i should watch next. So i think im going to put a list of some of the anime from my collection and let you guys choose what i should watch next :) I think it should be fun, plus it would give me something to interact with you guys about while im watching it and when im finished with it :) so here is a list of some of the anime i havent watched yet :

GANTZ: season 1 box set
Gatchaman: season 1 box set
Ninja Scroll the series - Ultimate collection box set
Neon Genesis Evangelion: platinum complete box set
Roujin Z
Steel Angel Kurumi: volumes 2 & 3
LAIN : volume 1
Rurouni Kenshin : season 1 box set
Samurai X Trust and Betrayal- directors cut
MADLAX volume 1
Armitage: dual matrix
Please Teacher volume 1

i think thats enough to start off with for now lol, so feel free to let me know what you all think i should watch next! Thanks for visiting and i look forward to posting again real soon :)

stay strong,