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Hello, and welcome to Yamcha's Anime universe! Some of you may know me from visiting my Myotaku page (username: Yamchaa), but if you havent visited or dont know me, then thats cool too lol. Im a big anime fan and ive been one for as long as i can remember. I collect anime movies, magazines, figures, all things related to anime, and im proud to say that i have a pretty hefty and diverse anime collecion which is usually constantly growing, and with this new world i hope to make new friends and spread my knowledge of anime to whoever may need it ^_^


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My Yamcha Past & Present World!!!!

My Original Myotaku Page!!!!

My Current Myotaku Page!!!!!

My Videogame World!!!!!!!

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Beyond The Grave

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Hello everyone,

It's been a while since i last posted (it usually always is) and i've actually been meaning to post quite a bit, but i just get lazy i guess lol. But tonight i'm here, and i'll be posting about what ive been up to, along with some other stuff.

First off, i'd like to thank everyone for the birthday comments they left over the last week. I was pretty shocked by how many people left comments and gifts because im certainly not use to it lol.

As of late, i've mostly been up to the usual - Work, anime, videogames. Recently i joined a streaming site where i now stream random games when i play them. I have a few videos up as of right now and i certainly plan on adding more videos as i play more games. Here is the link to my page where you can check out my videos -


When it comes to anime, I've been acquiring it at a pretty steady pace now. I've been ordering alot of VHS Anime from Amazon.com for really cheap prices, and ive also been able to find anime dvds at a local game/dvd store as well. Here is a pic of some of the newest stuff ive ordered/bought -

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Wicked City (VHS), Kimagure Orange Road volume 2 (VHS), Kimagure Orange Road volume 3 (VHS), Kimagure Orange Road volume 4 (VHS), Shin-Chan Season 1 volume 2 (DVD), Initial D: live action film (DVD), Rahxephon Perfect Collection (DVD), Wolverine Anime (DVD)

Some other anime titles i've acquired are -

Gungrave (entire series)
Eureka Seven (movie)
Loups=Garous (movie)
Go Panda Go (Movie)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - The Laughing Man (Movie)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GiG - Individual Eleven (movie)

I've also began watching a couple of series -

Kids on the Slope
Gun X Sword

I'll be watching a few more tonight before the night is over, but i do want to say how much i enjoyed watching Wicked City. I've actually ordered this anime film 3 separate times and something always came up - either they sent the wrong movie , or there were price changes that voided the transaction before it was shipped. I finally got it in the mail a few days ago and it was worth the wait. It has become of my favorite anime films an insured me that the old style of anime is still the only way to go :) Here are some songs from the movie that i really liked -

Well i guess im going to go and watch some anime while im still awake, I hope to post more soon as i watch more anime, so be sure to check back :)

stay strong,


Slam Dunk NBA 2K11 game save

I just found this on youtube, I'm going to try to contact the person so i can try to download it for whichever system it is on :)

Golden Boy

Hello again,

Yesterday I went to a local game/video store (Game Exchange), and they were ironically having a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale, so i decided to buy some anime.

I already have alot of the anime that they have up there, but they did have some stuff that i dont own yet, so i bought some stuff that looked pretty cool.

Here is a pic of the 4 anime dvds i bought -

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Afro Samurai Resurrection
Tokyo Godfathers
Golden Boy
Melty Lancer

So far i've only watched Golden Boy (which is pretty funny) but i hope to watch some more stuff as the day goes on.

Today ive also been messing around with the Megazone 23 Review ive been working on, as well as some wallpapers based on a couple of anime series. It's taken longer than normal because wallpaper bases are on my other computer and i havent transferred them to this laptop yet. I should have some uploaded soon though :)

Well i guess thats all for now, i may post again in a little while if i take some more pics of stuff.

stay strong,


Record of Lodoss War Collection


I had originally planned on posting this last week, but I've been pretty lazy, so it got put off until this weekend lol.

The main reason for this post is because i wanted to post up some pics of my Record of Lodoss War Collection.

Last week i received my Record of Lodoss War VHS boxset in the mail, and now that i have the whole collection, i wanted to show you guys :)

So here are the pictures :)

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Record of Lodoss War VHS Boxset (left), Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight DVD box set (center), Legend of Crystania (Right)

Here are more pics of the VHS box set -

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Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight Opening

Record of Lodoss War Opening

Legend of Crystania Trailer

Well, im about to Watch tape #5 from the original series, so i guess that's all i'll post for now. All of these anime titles are really good and i highly recommend them, especially if you are a fan of fantasy, or Medieval type stuff :) You can find them all for pretty cheap online, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

stay strong,


The Greatest Megazone 23 Review EVER coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Megazone 23: Part 1

That's right, since there arent any decent, in depth Reviews of the Legendary Megazone 23 anime, i have taken up the task of creating one myself.

I'll be starting with Part 1 and release each part of the OVA as a separate review, so people wont get things mixed up.

I plan on starting tommorrow, by collecting screenshots from my Megazone 23 dvds and then i'll go from there. The current plan is to post the Reviews on my Myotaku page since i'll have the freedom of posting screenshots to coincide with everything without limitations, but if i can get the reviews onto some other sites, that would be cool too.

I'll be sure to keep you all updated :)

stay strong,