Hello, and welcome to Yamcha's Anime universe! Some of you may know me from visiting my Myotaku page (username: Yamchaa), but if you havent visited or dont know me, then thats cool too lol. Im a big anime fan and ive been one for as long as i can remember. I collect anime movies, magazines, figures, all things related to anime, and im proud to say that i have a pretty hefty and diverse anime collecion which is usually constantly growing, and with this new world i hope to make new friends and spread my knowledge of anime to whoever may need it ^_^


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Batman II

Hello everyone,

To continue from my last Batman Post, I actually won the auction for the Batman Suit, but the owner declined to sell it to me since i didnt reach the reserve price that he had set. I also was outbidded on another Batman mask i had bid on a few days ago. Someone put a higher bid on it 11 seconds before the time ran out and i wasnt able to input another bid fast enough lol.

So it was 2 losses in a row, but i already had plans in effect in case i wasnt able to win either of the bids. Yesterday all of the stuff i ordered online came in the mail, and i was able to put it all together to see what i was working with.

I'm not sure if i posted about this, but a few months ago i ordered a movie quality Batman mask online (mask from Batman Returns) so i was able to use that mask while i tried on the stuff i ordered, so i could check to see what work i needed to do :)

Here are some pics from yesterday :)

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

Items I'm Wearing:
Batman Mask
Demon Force Flex Crash Pads - Basically an armored jacket with spine guards, elbow/shoulder guards and rib guards built inside of it.
Spiked Guantlets - yes the spikes are metal

I also have a big cape which i didnt wear, plus the belt i ordered should be here sometime today hopefully lol.

I'll be ordering some Crash Pad pants similar to the jacket/shirt im wearing, that also has armored areas inside of them, then i'll be able to work on getting all the colors the same and also work on adjusting the fitting of the gauntlets with the gloves ill be wearing. Its alot of work, but im glad the main part is over with lol.

As for anime, yesterday i also managed to get some more anime titles -

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa
Five Numbers

I actually enjoyed the FMA movie, as well as the Coicent movie, i'll watch the Five Numbers movie sometime today so i'll be able to let you all know what i think of it.

Well i guess that will be all for right now, I may post again later if i find some more stuff to post about that i missed lol, hope to chat soon :0

stay strong,


The Batman Post

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Hello everyone,

My original intention was to post about this a few days ago, but i never got around to it, so i'm here to post about it today.

Some co-workers of mine went to Comic Con in Dallas earlier this year and they asked me if i wanted to go with them next time, and i told them that im sure i could.

Around that same time, i had ordered a movie replica Batman Mask from the film Batman Returns, and i started to wonder if i could find a good movie quality Batman suit for a decent price. Well after searching for a while, the only suit i could find was the Motorcycle Replicas of the Batman Suit from the newer movies, and they cost about $2000, which is a retarded amount to pay for something like that, so i kinda game up on it for a little bit.

Well last week i made an Ebay account and started looking around on there, and 3 days ago i found what i was looking for. A fan made replica of the Batman Suit from the film Batman Returns. It is being auctioned at a decent price so far, as well.

As of right now i am winning the bidding (im also the only person who has bidded on it lol) and the suit looks perfect. Here are some movie screenshots of the suit i am bidding for -

External Image

External Image

Hopefully everything will work out in the bidding, and if i'm able to get the suit, i plan on wearing it on halloween, as well as to Comic Con in the future. I'll be sure to post updates as the bidding ends :)

stay strong,


Beyond The Grave

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Hello everyone,

It's been a while since i last posted (it usually always is) and i've actually been meaning to post quite a bit, but i just get lazy i guess lol. But tonight i'm here, and i'll be posting about what ive been up to, along with some other stuff.

First off, i'd like to thank everyone for the birthday comments they left over the last week. I was pretty shocked by how many people left comments and gifts because im certainly not use to it lol.

As of late, i've mostly been up to the usual - Work, anime, videogames. Recently i joined a streaming site where i now stream random games when i play them. I have a few videos up as of right now and i certainly plan on adding more videos as i play more games. Here is the link to my page where you can check out my videos -


When it comes to anime, I've been acquiring it at a pretty steady pace now. I've been ordering alot of VHS Anime from Amazon.com for really cheap prices, and ive also been able to find anime dvds at a local game/dvd store as well. Here is a pic of some of the newest stuff ive ordered/bought -

External Image
Wicked City (VHS), Kimagure Orange Road volume 2 (VHS), Kimagure Orange Road volume 3 (VHS), Kimagure Orange Road volume 4 (VHS), Shin-Chan Season 1 volume 2 (DVD), Initial D: live action film (DVD), Rahxephon Perfect Collection (DVD), Wolverine Anime (DVD)

Some other anime titles i've acquired are -

Gungrave (entire series)
Eureka Seven (movie)
Loups=Garous (movie)
Go Panda Go (Movie)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - The Laughing Man (Movie)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GiG - Individual Eleven (movie)

I've also began watching a couple of series -

Kids on the Slope
Gun X Sword

I'll be watching a few more tonight before the night is over, but i do want to say how much i enjoyed watching Wicked City. I've actually ordered this anime film 3 separate times and something always came up - either they sent the wrong movie , or there were price changes that voided the transaction before it was shipped. I finally got it in the mail a few days ago and it was worth the wait. It has become of my favorite anime films an insured me that the old style of anime is still the only way to go :) Here are some songs from the movie that i really liked -

Well i guess im going to go and watch some anime while im still awake, I hope to post more soon as i watch more anime, so be sure to check back :)

stay strong,


Slam Dunk NBA 2K11 game save

I just found this on youtube, I'm going to try to contact the person so i can try to download it for whichever system it is on :)

Golden Boy

Hello again,

Yesterday I went to a local game/video store (Game Exchange), and they were ironically having a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale, so i decided to buy some anime.

I already have alot of the anime that they have up there, but they did have some stuff that i dont own yet, so i bought some stuff that looked pretty cool.

Here is a pic of the 4 anime dvds i bought -

External Image

Afro Samurai Resurrection
Tokyo Godfathers
Golden Boy
Melty Lancer

So far i've only watched Golden Boy (which is pretty funny) but i hope to watch some more stuff as the day goes on.

Today ive also been messing around with the Megazone 23 Review ive been working on, as well as some wallpapers based on a couple of anime series. It's taken longer than normal because wallpaper bases are on my other computer and i havent transferred them to this laptop yet. I should have some uploaded soon though :)

Well i guess thats all for now, i may post again in a little while if i take some more pics of stuff.

stay strong,