Hello, and welcome to Yamcha's Anime universe! Some of you may know me from visiting my Myotaku page (username: Yamchaa), but if you havent visited or dont know me, then thats cool too lol. Im a big anime fan and ive been one for as long as i can remember. I collect anime movies, magazines, figures, all things related to anime, and im proud to say that i have a pretty hefty and diverse anime collecion which is usually constantly growing, and with this new world i hope to make new friends and spread my knowledge of anime to whoever may need it ^_^


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Hello everyone :)

Its been a long time since I've posted but I'm back to drop some knowledge on the new generation anime fans, I hope you are all ready :)

Stay strong,

Back to the "World"

Hello everyone,

I'm glad to be back posting again, and this past week i started working on getting some more anime series, and a guy at work recommended "Sword Art Online" and so i started checking it out. I've been enjoying it so far, but the more i watched it, the more it reminded me of the .Hack// Series.

Then i started remembering that i had beaten 3 of the 4 .Hack// games (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak) and that i just needed to find the .Hack//Quarantine game.

ive been searching online, but Quarantine is crazily overpriced everywhere and people are wanting over 200$ for it so i've just been constantly looking to try to catch the best deal for the game. Here is a pic of the 2 games i have -

[URL=http://s94.photobucket.com/user/Yamcha8/media/2013-07-07_084033.jpg.html]External Image

I did have Infection, but i let someone borrow it and they never gave it back lol (i had already beaten it though).

I've also been trying to find a good MMORPG to play on PS3 or XBOX 360, but i havent had any luck, so if you have any good suggestions, feel free to send them my way lol.

Here is a list of anime titles ive been able to acquire recently -

Tenchi in Tokyo
Tenchi Universe
Tenchi Muyo Ryo ohki

And here is a list of the anime series i have been working on getting -

Sword Art Online
Attack on Titan
Tenchi Muyo GXP
Tenchi Muyo War on Geminar

I should also have 2 more movies by the end of this week, so i'll be sure to post those up once i get them :)

Another game/s i've been playing is the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
[URL=http://s94.photobucket.com/user/Yamcha8/media/2013-07-07_084015.jpg.html]External Image

I've been enjoying this set quite a bit, especially replaying MGS 3, and Peacewalker, so i should be ready when Metal Gear Solid 5 comes out :)

Well, i guess that should be all for now, but i plan on posting more stuff up as i get to it :)

stay strong,


Far From Over

Hello everyone,

I stayed up all night watching anime, and this morning i had the urge to update the layout of this world, and to also update it, so i went ahead and did it lol.

I finally put up an updated pic of my anime collection in my Introduction, and i also changed up some other stuff as well, such as colors, etc.

I actually didnt realize that it had been months since i had last updated, so thats why i wanted to put up a pic of some stuff ive bought recently.

Here is a pic i took this morning :)

[URL=http://s94.photobucket.com/user/Yamcha8/media/2013-05-12_081812.jpg.html]External Image

Slam Dunk Jersey from the anime "Slam Dunk"
Iron Man: Rise of Technovore (movie)
Crayon Shin chan Season 2 Box Set
RIN Box Set
Najica Blitz Tactics Box Set
Martian Successor Nadesico (volume 1)
Yukikaze (volume 1)
Cybuster (volume 1)
.Hack//GU Trilogy

I've bought alot of other anime stuff but i have to get it all organized before i can get some pictures.

One of the anime titles that i ordered and i've really been enjoying is Slam Dunk. I liked it so much that i have been ordering the jerseys they wear in the anime lol. Here are one of the opening and ending themes from the show -

Opening 1

Ending 2

Well, i guess that will be all for right now, but i plan on posting more once i get everything organized lol.

stay strong,


The Collection

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since i last posted, but i made a deadline before the end of the year to get another book case for my Anime Collection, and to re-organize it as well.

Well last night I finally got the new book case put together, and after a few hours of moving shelves, VHS tapes and DVDs, i finally finished.

Now i have room to spare for when i buy more anime, and the shelves wont be so crammed.

Here's the pic of my updated anime Collection -

External Image

Other than that i havent really been up to much, just been working, watching anime and playing videogames (Halo 4 & WWE 13).

I've also been playing Halo 3 as well, but i'll post about that stuff on my Halo World lol.

Well i guess that will be all for now, i'll be sure to post another update on some of the anime ive been watching so i can catch up with everyone :)

stay strong,


More Batman Costume pics

Hello everyone,

Earlier today i transferred some pics from my phone, and i figured i would post them up here so everyone can check them out.

I took these pics last week before i started gluing the rubber pieces onto the wetsuit, so thats the reason the chest symbol is off balanced lol. I was just throwing on the pieces to see how everything matched up.

External Image

External Image

External Image
A pic of the new headpiece i got, which is really good quality.

I'll probably take some more pics once i work on the suit later today, so i'll try to post them up later this evening if i do :)

stay strong,