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Hello, and welcome to Yamcha's Anime universe! Some of you may know me from visiting my Myotaku page (username: Yamchaa), but if you havent visited or dont know me, then thats cool too lol. Im a big anime fan and ive been one for as long as i can remember. I collect anime movies, magazines, figures, all things related to anime, and im proud to say that i have a pretty hefty and diverse anime collecion which is usually constantly growing, and with this new world i hope to make new friends and spread my knowledge of anime to whoever may need it ^_^


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My Yamcha Past & Present World!!!!

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My Current Myotaku Page!!!!!

My Videogame World!!!!!!!

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Beyond the Anime

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Updated anime collection!!!

Hello everyone,

I said i would post an update and here i am lol. I have alot of stuff to update, but it will take more than one post to catch up on all of the anime that ive bought since i last really updated lol.

I did however post up an updated picture of my anime collection in the introduction and as well as in this post. Im slowly updating this world's appearance little by little and i hope to have my youtube channel added to the intro by friday.

as for what ive been up to, not much has changed. I still work at the same place and i still have weekends off. I still play videogames and i also still watch alot of anime. I play alot of games online on PS4 and Xbox One, so if you have either of those systems and are interested in the games i play, feel free to comment or message me and i can add you online. I mostly play Final Fantasy XIV online, on the Exodus server, so if there is anyone on here that are on Exodus, let me know and i can add you lol.

Tomorrow i will begin the task of posting all of the anime ive acquired since my last major post, along with as many pictures as i can post. I dont know how active this place is anymore, but im here to stay active as much as i can, plus someone show you people all of the different types of anime that is out there.

Well i guess that will be all for today, it was good to post after such a long time, hopefully there are still some people out there to interact with, dont be afraid to get in touch :)

stay strong,


Come out from hiding

Its been a while since I last posted but I'm still here, and my anime collection has grown. I plan on updating alto of stuff when I get home from work in the morning. That means updated pictures and what I've been up to Lol. Where has everyone been? Come out from hiding.

Stay strong,


Hello everyone :)

Its been a long time since I've posted but I'm back to drop some knowledge on the new generation anime fans, I hope you are all ready :)

Stay strong,

Back to the "World"

Hello everyone,

I'm glad to be back posting again, and this past week i started working on getting some more anime series, and a guy at work recommended "Sword Art Online" and so i started checking it out. I've been enjoying it so far, but the more i watched it, the more it reminded me of the .Hack// Series.

Then i started remembering that i had beaten 3 of the 4 .Hack// games (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak) and that i just needed to find the .Hack//Quarantine game.

ive been searching online, but Quarantine is crazily overpriced everywhere and people are wanting over 200$ for it so i've just been constantly looking to try to catch the best deal for the game. Here is a pic of the 2 games i have -

[URL=http://s94.photobucket.com/user/Yamcha8/media/2013-07-07_084033.jpg.html]External Image

I did have Infection, but i let someone borrow it and they never gave it back lol (i had already beaten it though).

I've also been trying to find a good MMORPG to play on PS3 or XBOX 360, but i havent had any luck, so if you have any good suggestions, feel free to send them my way lol.

Here is a list of anime titles ive been able to acquire recently -

Tenchi in Tokyo
Tenchi Universe
Tenchi Muyo Ryo ohki

And here is a list of the anime series i have been working on getting -

Sword Art Online
Attack on Titan
Tenchi Muyo GXP
Tenchi Muyo War on Geminar

I should also have 2 more movies by the end of this week, so i'll be sure to post those up once i get them :)

Another game/s i've been playing is the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
[URL=http://s94.photobucket.com/user/Yamcha8/media/2013-07-07_084015.jpg.html]External Image

I've been enjoying this set quite a bit, especially replaying MGS 3, and Peacewalker, so i should be ready when Metal Gear Solid 5 comes out :)

Well, i guess that should be all for now, but i plan on posting more stuff up as i get to it :)

stay strong,


Far From Over

Hello everyone,

I stayed up all night watching anime, and this morning i had the urge to update the layout of this world, and to also update it, so i went ahead and did it lol.

I finally put up an updated pic of my anime collection in my Introduction, and i also changed up some other stuff as well, such as colors, etc.

I actually didnt realize that it had been months since i had last updated, so thats why i wanted to put up a pic of some stuff ive bought recently.

Here is a pic i took this morning :)

[URL=http://s94.photobucket.com/user/Yamcha8/media/2013-05-12_081812.jpg.html]External Image

Slam Dunk Jersey from the anime "Slam Dunk"
Iron Man: Rise of Technovore (movie)
Crayon Shin chan Season 2 Box Set
RIN Box Set
Najica Blitz Tactics Box Set
Martian Successor Nadesico (volume 1)
Yukikaze (volume 1)
Cybuster (volume 1)
.Hack//GU Trilogy

I've bought alot of other anime stuff but i have to get it all organized before i can get some pictures.

One of the anime titles that i ordered and i've really been enjoying is Slam Dunk. I liked it so much that i have been ordering the jerseys they wear in the anime lol. Here are one of the opening and ending themes from the show -

Opening 1

Ending 2

Well, i guess that will be all for right now, but i plan on posting more once i get everything organized lol.

stay strong,