So welcome to this lovely little world where I will keep you updated on all my OCs and their stories and such.

So um...I don't have much to say, but I hope that you enjoy meeting with the characters that my mind can create ^-^

Character List (For My Own Convienence :3)
Gemma (Sunset Chronicles: A KH Fanfic)
Pastel (Sunset Chronicles: A KH Fanfic)
Noelle (Secretary to Death)
Gethin (Secretary to Death)
Emery (Secretary to Death)
Lilly/Coco (Secretary to Death)
Seraphina (Secretary to Death)
Rauch (Yet to Be Named Story)
Kind (Same Story as Rauch)
Laecheln (Same as Rauch and Kind)

Profile: Rauch + Character Quiz Dealio

Name: Amanda Marie Gottlieb (Amanda means “deserving of love” and Gottlieb is German for “God love”…Marie is just a middle name I like. :3) Nicknames: Rauch (It’s what she’s called through much of t...

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Gemma (Sunset Chronicles: A KH Fanfic)

Name: Gemma
Age: 13
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Hometown: Crystal Bay (the beach place near Twilight Town)
Fav. Color: Light Green
Fav. Food: Blueberry Crepes, Watermelon, Cherry Popsicles
Friends: Pastel (more like a sister), Hayner, Pence, Olette
Love Interest: Hayner (possibly ^-^)
Likes: Playing piano (she's not very good), listening to Pastel play piano, building sandcastles, her "big sister" Pastel, climbing trees
Dislikes: Fire and smoke, singing, most people (particularly adults-she
distrusts them)

Story: Gemma was living a relatively normal life with her mother and father, although they were always busy and working. She tried to remain cheerful for them and found refuge in singing. She was content with her life until when she was 11 her house burned down. Both her parents died in the fire and she was trapped under the wreckage. Due to smoke inhilation and other facotors from the fire, she lost her ability to speak and suffered terrible burns, particularly to her neck. After that incident, she gained a phobia of fire to the point where if she even sees smoke she curls up in a ball and begins to scratch at the burns on her neck. She was placed in an orphanage where she was bullied heavily due to the fact that she couldn't cry out or call for help. She was adopted out a few times, but due to her fear of fire and her tendency to have nightmares which cause her to scratch at her neck, she was always returned. She had both good and bad caretakers, so she has seen both the good and bad sides of people. It's at this point that she learns to distrust the people around her. One day she decides to run away from the orphanage and she sneaks out during the night. She begins to wander until she bumps into the street troupe that Pastel is a part of. She watches as Pastel performs her sword dacing routine and is captivated. She runs after Paster when the performance is finished, hoping to see more. After figuring out why this girl is following her and that she's mute, Pastel gives her the rest of the bluberry crepe she was eating and Gemma begins to follow her like a lost little puppy. Eventually, Pastel allows her to come and live in the small house near the sea that she owns. At some point, Pastel learns that Gemma can't talk and she goes and buys her a notepad and a carrying case so that she can write and comunicate with people. Pastel tries to cook her a hot meal, but due to the fire, Gemma begins freaking out and clawing at her burns. Pastel manages to calm her down and gives her a scarf so that she woun't continue to pick at her burns. For the first time since her parents died, Gemma is able to get a good and satisfying night of sleep after Pastel gives up her bed for her. This starts the two "sisters" lives together.

Personality: Gemma is very quick to judge people. She will observe them at a distance and decide if she likes them or not. If she sees someone doing something nice or kind to another person or herself, she will instantly count them among her "friends", but if the first impression she get's of someone is rude or mean, she instantly dislikes a person. She's very hard to budge her judgement of other people once she has decide on their personality. Once she has considered someone a friend, she has a tendency to cling to them...almost to the point of horribly annoying the other person. She loves to run around and play during the day time and likes to take long naps. She also hides and cowers whenever she is faced with any sort of adversity and believes that her friends should be there to stand up for her. Around her friends she's really up-beat and happy, but when around people she dosn't like or strangers, she's very quiet and recluse. She also has about a 10 second attention span and she's always running off looking for something fun to do. She dosn't much think about her past and the only real memory of it is the scars on her neck and her fear of fire.

So yeah...there's the description ^-^. If your wondering, she has no special abilities, plays no vital role in saving the world, has minimal interaction with any of the main characters (Sora, Riku, Kairi), has nothing to do with nobodies, and is just an average girl. She's mostly here to just write some stories with the gang from Twilight Town (plus I thought it would be fun to create charcters that don't impact the main plot of the game in any way :3)