The Beggining to an End

Yui was born with dysfunctions in her legs and was deprived of walking for a long time. When Yui had finally been granted her wish to walk, the first thing she did was take an evening stroll with her mother and her brother, Sasuke. Itachi was left at home. By the time the three of them got home, everyone and everything was dead. Yui and Sasuke freaked while their mother searched the house for their father. After a while, their mother never came out. The found her dead as well. The ran from the Uchiha clan and were soon accompanied by thier brother Itachi. He had went to train and came back to this surprise. None of them ever knew who killed everyone and everything in the Uchiha clan.


Yui Uchiha
Age: 13.
Birthday: January 8th, 1996.
Gender: Female.
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian.
Occupation: Chunin rank Ninja.
Hair: Black with red and purple streaks. (Randomly placed.) Her original hair was black, but she got bored and dyed it.
Eyes: Dark orange with a hint of auburn.

More to come...