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How I Feel

How I Feel

<3 Is he feeling I get when you come near me
>.< Is the feeling I get when you get hurt
*.* Is the feeling I get when you run past me
^^ Is the feeling I get when you hug me
:D Is the feeling I get when you smile at me
:( Is the feeling I get when you run away

P.S. I hope the emoticons don't ruin my format...

Love Is A Deadly Thing

Love is a deadly thing
Even close people feel the sting
It hurts
It hurts
Love can cut like a blade
Impossible to run away
But I try
Even if I die
Maybe being dead is the best way

Titleless... =c poor poem xD

These tears that run down my face
Cut my heart like razor blades
And I bleed for you
Screaming love is just a lie
Will I leave nothing behind?
But broken dreams and quiet cries
I’ll die alone, alone without you
I can’t go on feeling this way
I fall down just to have you hold me close
Just to hear your voice
These thought are running through my mind
Telling me that my life’s just another lie
And I believe them
What else is there to believe
My silent screams are open wounds
Bleeding words you won’t hear
But I speak them
Even if it’s just to let it out
These memory create my scars
That disappear but never go away
As long as I stay
And I say
Love is like a poison flower
So beautiful but deadly to touch
But I need it
I live it
I breathe a sigh of desperate relief
‘Cuz I know now that I can be alive
Forever in you
Your poison seeps into my veins
Impossible to run away
But I wouldn’t
I just couldn’t
Love is coming back to me
I feel the sun I feel the breeze
And I like it
This way


MY bf broke up wit me today and imma depressed.... wat do i do?

The Girl In The Mirror

I hate the girl in the mirror
Reflecting everyday
She hurt everyone i kno
In many diffrent ways
They are done with her lies
Done woth her tears
They cant handle her anymore
Its been to many years
As her end nears
There life begins
Relieved from my fears
I realize shes me...