x~x Seriously...

Okay, so I'm in school right now, but today's a make-up work day. P:

So I figured I was gonna post, right? >_< WRONG. D:< My worlds aren't ready for me to post. x-x
I'm gonna check my guest worlds in a moment, but seriously. D'x I don't wanna post unless I can actually post for every character, you know. xP

So I MAY be able to post when I'm in class, buuuut... That's every other day at school. P: High School 101. But remember-- I might still be late because of the fact that I actually do my assignments in here. xP

So uh... I was pretty depressed this week. ;A; Joe got a boyfriend and started bragging about him and all... Then we had a really bad argument, and said things we didn't mean... We forgave eachother and moved on, so we're cool now. Yeah...

Then I keep having really horrible nightmares... Ever since I've started having them, I've been pretty sad lately... I don't really know why. They attack the people I love in them, and they make me think bad thoughts. They're absolutely horrifying too...
And before I started having the nightmares, I started this... Thing... Like everynight, I wake up at EXACTLY 3:08am. EXACTLY 3:08am EVERYNIGHT. Then I can't go back to sleep until like 4:30-5:00... And the whole period I'm awake, I'm freezing, and it's pitch black in my room, I get a terrible headache, and my heart's like racing/pounding. D'x
So just here lately is when the nightmares started. They show my worst fears... Like demons and such... And killing off my friends and them leaving me and all of that...

I haven't seen the Fallen Angel dude in a while... But Easter morning, I woke up and on my ankle, was like... You know when you get sunburned, and someone pokes it, and it leaves a mark. Well, it was like that on my ankle. Only not sunburned, and it said, "ALONE." in capital letters and in a really fancy cursive font. It scared me. >_<

But yeah. People haven't really been nice to me here lately either. No one really seems to care about how I'm feeling other than Ashley and Joe... I just need my bestie back to actually talk to and vent prolly, but I can't. So I'll just deal with it like I have been...

Anyway, on a good note-- The story I was talking about last post, is turning out really well. :D Okay, so I lied last post. It's not a new story, but is a re-write of SacrificeXEmber if you guys remember that one. It's getting almost completely changed, with new characters-- Except the main two, Sacrifice and Ember-- of course. I've even got a title for it. ^-^

Drawings are good, too. c: Improving, slowly but surely. Now that I have more free time on my hands, my grades and drawings and writing skills are actually going up. Not that I don't miss TheOtaku and DeviantArt. I think it's mostly because of my boredom. xDD

What the helllllll.... Our teacher is ALWAYS leaving the classroom at random points of time.... ._.

Well, I shall go see if I have anything to post anywhere, so later.~

EDIT: Oh, how I FAIL AT LIFE. Of course there's nothing for me to post... I told everyone to move on with their characters that were with mine.. x'D Okay, you guys should still do that. I don't think I'll be able to keep posting consistantly anyway, considering the school year is almost over in like a month or so and I won't have anything then...
If my co-leaders would like to post for my characters for me, that would be okay. You two know how my characters work anyway. P:
If there's anything you need to know about them, if you're gonna do it, just message me on Facebook. I'm ALWAYS on there. xP
Just really not wanting my clubs to die. xD Or anyone else's that I'm in. So yeah. Pleaseeeeee keeeeeeeepppp postingggggggg.

-Kyle, craving sex with Audrey and cupcakes. Like usual.