Upset At Random.

This morning, I woke up in a perfectly fine mood. I wasn't tired, or in pain or anything. I was just okay.

Then I went to go get dressed, and I went into the bathroom with my clothes in hand. But the moment that I looked in the mirror, I just got pissed. I don't even know why. I slammed my hand against the mirror and I just snapped. I started throwing things and trying to find something to hurt myself with... I just really wanted to die.

When I couldn't find anything, I kept whispering things to myself about how much I hated myself... Then I found a hairtie and put it on my wrist. I kept snapping it as I got dressed.

And then after that, I was just depressed all day...

There's not even anything wrong, guys... o_O I'm okay with where I am in life about everything. I got my grades up, I haven't talked to Matt, and everything.. I just, I don't even know. I guess I just snapped.

I mean, I feel fine now, but it was just a horrible day...

Oh, and just a little debate question. This was brought up by Charles and Cheyann today.

Okay, say that your best friend is being hated unreasonably by one of your friends. Would you defend your friend, or not get involved and keep being friends with that person?

Personally, I would defend my friend.

You see, there's this couple at school named Jacy and Billy. They keep talking about Cheyann and she told Charles. She ended up crying over it, because they've turned alot of her friends against her. Then Jacy walked by and right after Cheyann explained to him about that, and said some negative things about her, he said, "She's so pretty!"

Isn't that, like really wrong?

Your BEST FRIEND is hurt by your not-so-close friend, and then you say something positive about that person?

I could understand if you don't want to be involved, but don't sit there and talk uplifting about them, right in front of your friend who's crying because she hurt her feelings...

Anyway, if you have a request/art trade for me, ask me. P: 'Cause I'm gonna have lots of free time at my mom's since I don't have a phone anymore. x'D