Art Trades, baby. :D

'Kay. (: So I need more things to draw. I'm on an art-block and we all know how much I need to improve. xD

Here are my rules for Art Trades:

-I will only draw your own Original Characters and Fan Characters. No Canon characters from Animes and such. <<
-I can draw both females and males... But I prefer drawing males. So your female better be worth it. xD
-I won't draw animals/furries. However, I will draw Nekos, etc...
-If your character-design is too bland, I might spice them up. xD
-Be specific. And include a picture if you can.
-I will draw Demons, Angels, etc...
-I'll decide what I want you to draw for me by looking at your art. :3 Or I might just have you suprise me. :3

Okay, so PM me or comment about it. c:

You can request me. HELL, I don't care at this point. x'DDD

~Kyle. :3