I'm Done With You.

So... Things are changing and I don't have any power over it. I'm failing almost all of my classes, and honestly-- I don't give a fuck. Not right now. There's too much shit.

My dad's going to be leaving town-- for good this time. Yeah. He's moving to Wisconsin.
Well, he's hasn't got a job, wife, or life here. He finally had enough when Tina, his ex-wife and best friend, finally got tired of waiting for him to come around, so she got a boyfriend. My dad got pissed since he doesn't want anyone other than himself happy, so they hate eachother now.
OH. And I'm not allowed to have ANY contact with Tina anymore. ISNT THAT FUCKING GREAT.
So, he called me last night-- I WAS ACTUALLY HAVING A GOOD DAY FOR ONCE-- And told me that I'm getting my phone shut off soon. I asked why, and he said because Tina's not paying for our's anymore.
My phone situation is cool though-- My mom's gonna buy me a new one and put me on her plan THANK GOD.
So yeah. My dad's basically disowning me and possibly my brother sometime before August. Who knows. He's not going to keep contact-- He's not buying a cell or get my email-- and he's not even going to claim that he has a daughter. His exact words were, "I'm leaving everything that makes me unhappy."
So it's cool. We talked about it. I'm allowed to scream and cry at him as much as I want. But I won't.
As far as my computer situation goes, I think my mother will allow me to have internet when that time comes. Maybe. Hopefully.

You know. I do hate my dad. But that doesn't mean I'm happy he's leaving. He's going to just pick up and leave and yeah. You have to care to hate someone, and I suppose I will miss him. But in this case; "It was nice knowing you."

So whenever he leaves, I'll consider myself father-less. After all, He's daughter-less, right? Maybe I'll even call my step-dad my dad, who knows. All I know is, Once he's gone, HE'S GONE. I won't allow him back. He chose his own happiness over me so who gives a fuck.

"Why stay here where I have nothing, when I could go to Wisconsin and get a job, friends and a girlfriend?" Yeah. That's what he said, so whatever.

I'm done with him.

So now that Tina's gone, that's another person kicked out of my life. FUCK. I barely have anyone to talk to as it is...

I want my best friend back.

I want my lover back.

I want my happiness back.