This Is War.

So, Here's the beginning of that Novel I mentioned a few posts back. Let me know what you think. Also, suggestions for different title would be nice. Please, Please, Please comment. c:

A shattering scream pierced through the tranquil silence of Beslam. Though it was a distant sound, Luceire had to follow his nature to help whoever was in danger. He sprinted through the rain as the panicked shrieks continued. He picked up his speed, seeing a female laying on the ground. As he got closer, He noticed she was clutching her side and gasping for a breath. He knelt at her side, realizing that she was his older brother's- The King- Aelzaire's betrothed, Veltae. He gasped quietly as other occupants of the kingdom gathered around her body, sprawled on the ground as she groaned in pain.
"Get help, You moron!" Luceire demanded to a blacksmith as he leaned in to get a closer look.
"Yes, Your Majesty." He stammered and rushed off.
"Veltae..." Luce muttered, examining her wound.
"Get away from her, Luce."
Aelzaire appeared next to me. He swooped her almost limp body from the ground and held her tightly.
"Who did this to you...?" He whispered. Luce watched as she parted her lips as if to speak.
"Caire." She managed to get out, "Knights of Caire..."
Her head dropped back and Aelzaire's expression darkened.
No last words were spoken. He was never one for affection, even if the woman that he loved with all of his heart was dying in his arms. He wanted to say 'I love you' but it was too late now.
But they had no idea, what else was going on in that moment.
The Demons, The Vampires, The Lycans...
Even some of their fellow Elf bretheren...
Were now pitted against them.

Of course, to Aelzaire, This meant war.

Hanin smiled to herself. This assasination had gone well and no one saw her face except for the "Precious" Veltae. She raced to tell her King, bursting in the doors of the castle.
"Your Majesty." She panted and knelt before him, tossing her hair back behind her shoulder, "I've killed Princess Veltae." She smirked once again.
"Good, Good." King Elician grinned at her and reached his hand out. She grabbed it and was helped up.
"Did Dylan help you?" Elician asked. She looked down at the mere mention of her lover.
"No, Your Highness." She answered regretfully.
"You're telling me... That he's chosen the side of Aelzaire?" He asked, tilting her chin up to look him in the eyes. Her light purple eyes flickered nervously as a blush rose to her cheeks.
"Y-Yes, My King." She gulped.
"Then he must be killed." He ordered, "By your hand."
"B-But I love him!" Tears threatened to fall from her eyes.
"You wil be executed by the Guillotine, If you don't obey your King." He reminded her. She sighed heavily and with a slight hesitation, she agreed.
She was dismissed from Elician's presence and she ran crying up to her chamber. She couldn't bear the thought of killing Dylan. Hanin was completely and utterly in love with him. He was her life, her reason for even living. But he couldn't choose the side of Elician. His heart belonged to Beslam even if she was loyal to Caire.
Hell, She had even killed out of loyalty. But she simply could not understand why Dylan was so loyal to a king such as Aelzaire. He was arrogant and only thought of himself. He was once kind and caring when Hanin lived in Beslam. But ever since he achieved the Crown, He became a Monster. A real monster. He killed innocents, Tormented those who believed that his modest brother Luceire should've been named the head of Royalty, and made unwise decisions concerning his kingdom.
Hanin had moved from Beslam to Caire once she had realized this of her King, but Dylan refused to believe it. Dylan lived in Beslam, though he travelled to Caire to see his lover.
She cried into her pillow, Cursing the King and Dylan and everyone she could think of.
"Miss Hanin?" A familiar voice carried through her crying, after a brief knock on the wooden door.
"Come in." She sat up, wiping her tears.
Sehrian. He smiled at her and brushed her hair aside.
"My dear, What's wrong?" He asked. Her face flushed at his touch.
"Dylan is on the side of Beslam. The Heaven." She said with slight anger.
"My, My." He ran his fingers through her waist-length turquiose hair.
"And I have to kill him." She sobbed, hiding her face in her hands. He stroked her cheek and planted a kiss on her forehead.
"You don't need Dylan, Hanin." He tried to be comforting. She looked up at him, her face was tear-stained.
"...You have me." He flashed a grin at her. She was speechless, so he continued.
"I have loved you since we were kids. I was your best friend and you were mine... But when I turned 15, I knew I was in love with you." He looked down, nervously awaiting her reply.
"I...I..." Her cheeks were pink with embarrassment. He smiled and brought her lips to his.

She forgot about Dylan, that night.

"If any of you know who did this, speak up." Aelzaire's voice broke through the eerie silence of the meeting room. Dylan shifted uncomfortable in his seat. He knew. But what fate would be in store for Hanin?
"I know, Sir." Someone piped up. The crowd of people turned their attention to the male who spoke.
"Hanin Wynayefaire." He said. A moment of silence occured.
"Everyone, you are dismissed." Aelzaire said. The large crowd began to rush out of the exits, but when Dylan tried to leave, he felt someone tug on his arm.
Aelzaire waited for the room to clear out to speak. The only people left in the auditorium were Luceire, Aelzaire, and of course, Dylan. Dylan held his breath. If the King knew that he knew, He would definetly be punished.
"Did you know that your girlfriend would be killing my soon-to-be-Queen?" He asked.
"I'm sorry, Aelzaire." Dylan hung his head in shame.
"You know what you must do, Dylan." He spoke softly.
"I won't." Dylan held back a tear from the thought. Killing Hanin seemed like a irrational thought to him. Why would he ever kill the love of his life?
"You will." Aelzaire tightened the grip on Dylan's arm. Luceire looked in their direction sorrowfully, as he slowly made his way out of the door.
"Okay." Dylan clenched his eyes shut from the force that Aelzaire had put on his arm. When he let go, Dylan rubbed at the spot. It felt like he had just been burned.
He started to walk up the stairs to his quarters when he was pulled aside again.
"W-What?!" He greeted Luce, trying to clear his voice of sadness.
"I think-- I think I..." He seemed flustered. Dylan waited for him to get out what he wanted to say.
"...Dylan, I love you." He stated. Dylan gasped.
"Luce-- No. You can't." He replied.
"I can't help it." Luce sighed.
"Just..." Dylan couldn't fathom the thought that the Prince loved him.
"Leave me alone." He spoke more coldly than he intended. Dylan rushed up the stairs, scanning the hallways for his bedroom. He finally came across it and walked inside. The room's air was briskly chilly and he loved it that way. He plopped down on his bed and looked outside. It was approaching midnight. Dylan tried to sleep, but couldn't. So much was going on.

A restless night was in store for him.

A loud scream shot through the night air. Hanin sat up immeadiately, looking over to see Sehrian standing at the window, looking out.
"They've fired back." He spoke, turning to the girl. He was dressed in only a pair of boxers. She flushed slightly at the thought of what had happened only hours ago. Then she focused for a moment.
Suddenly, the dark sky was smothered in smoke and flames. She rushed to the window. The castle was burning.
"Oh my God..." She gasped, tears coming to her eyes as she covered her mouth with the palm of her hand.
Sehrian turned to her, "You know that Dylan did this." He grabbed her by the upper arms.
"No." She uttered, "Not Dylan."
"Dylan did this, Hanin!" Sehrian exclaimed, Tightening his grip on her, "If you can't see that Dyla-"
"Just shut up!" She cried, looking down, letting out the emotions that overflowed her sanity, "I know he did! Just shut up!" She closed her eyes and let out a tearful breath.