Sorry. xD

Ah. xDD So sorry you guys for spamming your backroom a bit with the Disenchanted stuffs. xD Eli, PaperButterfly and I are sooooo into this roleplay. xD
Anywayyyyy. I'm in a writing mood, and I think I'm going to actually start a book. :3 A novel. :D
I've got one other story going on [AudreyXKyle] but that's on hold for now. :P So yeah. :3
It's going to be about Elves and such. :D And take place in the Renaissaunce. :D
Blah. xP
I split my tongue a little yesterday... No joke. xD I was eating at Spangle's [Which you guys prolly don't know about, since it's a Kansas thing.] and I bit my tongue reallllly hard on accident. So it's split open, like in the middle and sort of to the left. :P It's creepy, 'cause I can see inside it. xDD Ew. But yeah, it hurts a lot.
Uhhh. On Tuesday, I had another Pelvic Ultrasound. If you've ever had one, you know how awkward it is. >< I should hear the results of it Monday. That's prolly when they're going to tell me how serious the cist is, and if I need surgery or not.
Oh yeah, and my Blood-Count is better. :D I don't think I ever mentioned this, but I'm Anemic. Meaning I don't have enough Iron in my blood. :P But that's going okay. :3
Oh yeah, and I was talking to Matt on the phone like two nights ago and it was funny 'cause it was the first time we ever talked on the phone.
-Matt: Good thing you can start a convo.
Me: Why?
Matt: Because it would just be a total awkward silence.
-Matt: What bra size are you? Just wondering.
Me: Uhhh. DD, or around there.
Matt: ... Oh thank GOD.
Me: You know, you have a reallllly cute voice.
Matt: Except when I say something pervy.
Me: I don't care. You still do. :P
Matt: I'm horny.
Me: ... Oh.

xDD He's fun to talk to. ;3

I also bought two new shirts yesterday!~ :D One says "Go Ahead, POKE ME." With the Pillsbury Dough Boy on it, and the other is Black with Animal from the Muppets and the design glows in the dark! :D If you know me, I <3 Animal. :3 That's like mah THING. Along with Sarcastic T-shirts. xDD Like--
"I Used To Have A Handle On Life. But It Broke Off."
"REMAIN CALM. This Is Only A Drill." And it has a picture of a drill on it. xD
"I'm Just A Freakin' Ball Of Sunshine!"
Yeahhhh. <3 I love weird shirts. xD
Anywayyyy, I'm bored so there's your update.


Current Picture of meh!~

Though the Pink in mah hair is much brighter now, since I redid it while I was at mah Mom's. :P I also have some Green by my ears. xD It's kinda hard to see though, from the front.