To Know That You've Got Issues;~

...And It Kills Me Instantly
To See You With These Other Guys
Could Be The Death Of Meee~
~Blood On The Dance Floor,
Designed To Kill.

Soooo... Uhhhh... I can't sleep. c:
Mah boyfriend Matt went to bed like four hours ago. xD And Ashley just went to bed soo.. Uhhh.
I was watching Ghost Adventures. :D I love that show. x3 It's mah favorite paranormal show. x3
Though it gave me nightmares, so I woke up and now I can't sleep. :D
My favorite episode is definetly (WHY CANT I SPELL THIS WORD TODAY/TONIGHT) The Valentine's Day Special. x3
It just makes me crack up laughing. xD

That's just some of the highlights, I think. xD I haven't watched the video all the way through yet.
Buuuuut yeah. xD
AHA Found the episode, in parts.
-Part One.
-Part Two.
-Part Three.
-Final Part.
Last night's episode was the scariest one I've seen. I don't remember where they were, or anything, but I was so terrified I couldn't even finish it. I just quickly switched it Cartoon Network. xD They were in some kind of prison, I think... I don't know. But mannnn. It just freaked me out so much.
Someone oughta talk to me. c: COMMENT????

~Insomniac for the night, Kyle. <3