He was dead, the assassin was slain. The Blonde known as Alistair took a step back, smiling as he admired his work. He then heard a pained groan from behind him.
Alistair's lover.
He was drenched in his own blood, impaled by a large axe. Alistair, in horror, pulled the blade from Fang's chest.
"Fang..." He cried, pulling his beloved into his arms. Then a slight chuckle escaped from Fang's lips. Alistair looked at his face, scarred but still perfect to him.
"Damn it! You're dying, what's so fucking funny?!" Alistair nearly screamed in his face. He laughed under his breath again, and then smiled.
"...You're actually crying over me, Alistair..." His smile somehow turned sweet.
Alistair gave him a playful, yet teary glare, "...Shut up."
"Haha... I bet this is the first time you've cried over someone..." He cocked his head to the side.
"Fuck you." Alistair grinned at him, tears still spilling from his eyes. His view of Fang was very blurry but he didn't care.
A silence passed and Fang coughed, then spoke again.
"You love me."
Another silence. Alistair shook his head and tightened his grip on Fang, as if he wouldn't let him slip away from him-- Slip away in Death.
"...I do love you, Fang..." he admitted, swallowing his pride when it mattered. Nothing mattered more than Fang to him.
A light, but choked-up laugh responded to Alistair.
"I love you too."
But suddenly, Fang's uncharacteristic sweet smile faded as he went cold.
He died.
He finally died. The immortal, confident Zombie died.
"No." Alistair whispered in disbelief. He had seen many deaths, but none as hurtful as this. He shoved his own lips to Fang's, kissing him for one last time.
"..Fang..." He sobbed violently, shaking. He stood up, and took the axe from Fang's body's side.
Sliced open his own neck, hitting one of the major veins.
His last sight before dying, was his own blood inter-mingling with Fang's.