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I think this vid may have converted me...

Okay, I've always like SasuSaku right? well, my dad showed me a Itachi and Sakura vid, and now I like that couple. I still like SasuSaku but, ItaSaku might be better. This is the vid:

However, this Vid is Awesome too!

Tell what you think! SasuSaku vs ItaSaku!!!

DeathNote Character

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I dont know what to type. It seems like I dont update a lot on here anymore. I'll start up again, I guess. I havent gotten ANY comments on this world In FOREVER!!! have I turned boring or something??? I'm comment-starved .

LOL again


You MUST Watch this movie: The Wedding Singer! I love the songs in it. Just flipping hilarious!!

and this wouldnt be a AkatsukiLove post without this!