Love Like Winter~

I'm Kyle.

Transgender-- Male. Gay. Writer. Artist. Actor. LARP-er. Cosplayer. Roleplayer. Gamer. Nerd. Flamer. "Whore."

Yes, your beloved Cheriblosomchibi has returned.
I really need to change my name. XD

Introduction/World design under construction.


I feel like I'm losing Kyle.

I'm not sure exactly what is causing me to feel this way.

It's just that he's been acting strange these past few days. It's not anything major but I have noticed. He doesn't text me as often to check up on me. He doesn't tell me goodnight like he usual does. I don't know, there are a lot of things.

I don't know.

But with all of my insecurities, it sucks. I really hope this is the one thing I didn't screw up.

It's probably nothing. At least I hope it's nothing. I hope that I'm just paranoid over nothing, which does tend to happen often. I hope that I'm just being my usual self and overreacting.

I don't want to lose him.

I really love him. I'm utterly in love with him.

Please let me keep him here and happy with me. Please.

Like I said, there's probably nothing wrong so don't worry. But I just really needed to get this off my chest.


I talked to Kyle this morning and he admitted to acting a little strange. He said it was because he's been really tired lately. Plus now that I think about it, he has been pretty busy as well.

So I was just overreacting. >.<

He reassured me that he's still mine and I'm still his. And that he loves me, no question about it haha. He told me that there really was never any doubt about it. c:

So yeah, everything is okay now.


Upcoming One Year

So I went to my friend Carli's house today. We hung out, watched a movie-- Year One. It was pretty great. Plus it had Michael Cera in it. I mean come on.

Though hanging out with did make me realize, that I need to do more with my summer. I haven't hung out with anyone in a while. I rarely do. My friends are always unavailable, and I'm not allowed to ever have people over at my house ever so it sucks. :c

It also made me realize how much I miss Nick and Lyn. Nick has disappeared off the face of the earth; he hasn't been online at all this summer. And Lyn is busy with work, plus she doesn't have a phone of her own, so she's rarely on Facebook as well.
I miss being able to talk to them about Kyle, and my life in general without feeling judged. I really need to get back in contact with them, and soon. Because while I can talk to Kyle about absolutely anything and he is my best friend, I need someone to talk about Kyle with.
Well, obviously not only talking about him LOL. I'm not obsessed.

But Carli seems to think I am. I tried to confide in her today and it didn't really work out so well. It only left us both feeling awkward. She thinks I'm obsessed because he's "all I talk about". Which is untrue, by the way. I talk about plenty of other things lmao. I just haven't had a lot going on honestly. Especially with school being out and me being pretty antisocial.

Me and Kyle are very close, yes. But we do give each other plenty of space. I think that's what makes our relationship so strong. We don't suffocate one another We have the anticipation of seeing eachother again after long periods of time. Also, we have a best friendship beneath our relationship. We can talk to each other about absolutely anything.


So. Kyle and I have been trying to figure out what to do to celebrate our one year together. But we're both clueless LOL. >.< so if you could give me any suggestions, that would be AWESOME. It takes place on July 18th, so planning around that time period would be great.

Oh! And I'm considering starting up another Roleplay group. It would be about Incubi/Succubi. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but once I get it up, maybe it'll seem interesting lol.

Anyway, there's your update. I shall be posting in Evil Angel as well as working on the possible new RP later tonight. I may also post a story I finished a while back and maybeeeee upload more art. Maybe.


here's me from today. :D been a while since I actually tried to look acceptable lol. I feel cute for once. n.n

Any AFI lovers out there? o;

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Good News :D


So my phone bill was paid today. /phew.
So yeah. I'm really fucking happy about that honestly. Dear god. I was honestly really worried about it. But I guess my parents managed to scrape up the money just in time. I feel really happy about that and my mood has definitely gone up.

So, yes. I will continue being online as usual. c:

Once again, I find myself feeling blocked on creativity. So please, people. Please. Request me. Art trade with me. Roleplay with me. Collab writing something with me. ANYTHING. I literally don't care. I just want something productive to do this summer. I haven't written much and I really need to get back into it.

Also, my lips swelled up REALLY big today.

External Image

I thought it was from me biting them but they've never been like this before so I decided to google it. And apparently my best guess is that it's from kissing Kyle so much the other day. /)///( how lovely...

But yeah. I'm in a fantastic mood. c:


Still Here?? (TMI post)

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