Hello my faithful friends!!! I have been going through a tough artists block and haven't gotten to do many wallpapers or much of anything. Sadly. But I managed one wall ^^;; Hope you like it!! uhm.. I gotta go..more later...

Hello everyone!!!

So, I have three new wallpapers up and I think you all will like them!!! ^^ I have the Bleach wall as my desktop!!! XDDDDDD It's so cool!! I hope you like my artwork, I love to make wallpaper and draw!! If you'd like to see my art go here: XxHinamori17xX.deviantart.com

I'm sure you'll like my art. I put my soul into each one!!! Currently I am working on manga called G.H.O.S.T. and i'm just starting it but if you want more info on it go to my world entitled OfficialGHOST. It has some of the characters names and a brief discription of what G.H.O.S.T. is all about!!!

So if you'd like to be my friend don't be shy and add me!! Also if you have a gaia,myspace or an AIM tell me!!!! I'll add you!!! &heart: