I'm the only person that REALLY knows me, even though I have been told that our parents should be a few of the people that knows us inside and out, but they sort of don't. They don't know our thoughts, our secrets, anything going on in our minds. No one really does except for ourselves. So, in a way, I am letting you take a peek into a vast world that is called my mind, because, if it were more than that, no one would truly understand it other than me. And I'm sure it'd be the same for anyone else.

So. On a happier note.. Here are five "fun" facts about me.

1 I absolutely love to sleep. Even if I end up falling asleep at six and only get a few hours in, I still enjoy it.
2 Things that I read, watch, listen to (like music), even hear about inspires me (ex; If i have lately been reading lots of manga, my style of drawing will lean towards that of the artist's, or if I have been listening to lots of oh, let's say screamo-metal music, my art isn't going to be as lovey-dovey as if I were listening to calm pop or whatever)
3 I have an addiction to red bull, skittles, almonds and pop tarts.
4 I cut my own hair (they're supposed to be "fun", right?)
5 My two favorite states are California and New Jersey

I hope you enjoy the little piece of mind that I will share on my "world"

Okay then...

i really don't care what i'm supposed to use my "world" for, but i have a small message:

I doubt that i'll ever post here again, but i'm on deviantArt: orangeflavoredmarker.deviantart.com, where i am making my own type of drawing for myself (drawing the anime style didn't really work for me)

soooooo. yeah. sorry for the lack of posting, but it's been sorta hard lately...

hope to see you at DA, if not... well.. bye
-Dame X