OMG x_x i havent been here since 2010 x_o;; been bussy with life i suppouse!! does anyone remember meh?~ x_x;; anyways!!

Its been a really long time,well idk what to say lol; x.x;;

>> hope 2012 aint the last year we have left XDD

Come one please!

Please help me about the previous post;i really want to better my drawing and start learning how to make a manga so! -points down-

I wanna know{Please someone reply!}

What programs do you use to draw?
Ive been meaning to ask but have not the chance to-as you can see i draw only in paper and a sketch pad;i can only go so far with it and i keep seeing this amazingly colored digital work from everyone i want in on it,i want to do manga too but idk how to start so i wanna ask for help from those of you who know.

One: What program do you use to draw normal work or manga?
Two:What program do you use to color?
Three:Is there a website or instructional manual I can use to learn how to work such programs?
Four:How much did you pay to get program?
If free where can I get it,and will it harm my computer?
Five:The drawing pad for the computer,where did you get it,and at what price?

Six:Tell me all you know about program and how it works for you so far,any recomendation will be highly appreciated!

I really wanna know so if u can help please talk to me!
Thanks for youre time
-Mizz [L]una!

I think

I'll open a new account,I don't like the username and wish to add labeled work so yeah-this username is like the first ever from my first email like,seven years ago!and my brother help me do it lol the other names i wanted he was like no way and put this one which means cute puertorican which is a true fact? xD Lol so im just letting know,once I do it i shall posted it or something so u can find me,as for the work ill try re uploading it~

Hopefully it will all work out.
-The one and only


By some miracle it kinda fixed on its own,though having troubles typing the [d] its working like b4 so thank u computer God DX!! by the way why do my wallpapers keep dissapearing!??