10 Things That I Hate About Winry

This is my 10 things that I hate about Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. No flaming please. :<
For the children. :(
Contains spoilers

1. I hate that you love Edward, you little collection of pixels. >_>
2. I hate that Edward loves you back. DX
3. I hate that you aren't real because you don't know how much of an urge I have to strangle you sometimes.
4. I hate how much you cry. I mean, really. You are going to die from dehydration. B|
(not that I would morn the loss...)
5. And, while I am at it, when you cry, YOU ARE MAKING EDWARD ELRIC -- AND I MEAN THE EDWARD ELRIC -- SAD. HOW?! HOW COULD YOU?! AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHY, WOMAN, WHY!!!!!!!! D8< -spontaneous combustion-
6. -is some how alive again- Another thing I hate about you, Little Miss No-Bra, is that. You. Had. Kids. With. Edward. -death glare-
-pulls out gun-
-shoots Winry-
-puts gun in Winry's hand to make it look like a suicide-
7. She should've been killed off in that meat house... It's not like I'm first one to try and kill her...
8. She is a homicidal wrench flinging abuse wielding wench.
9. She should get that wrench smashed through her skull and see how she likes it. >:{
10. The real reason why Roy Mustang killed her parents is because they were so distraught over having her as a child that he decided to put them out of their misery.

Well those are the ten things that I patiently DESPISE about Winry Rockbell...
She is just so far in the closet that she isn't even in Narnia anymore... DX