Hi. Just going to put this all out there.

My name is Cari. I live in Wisconsin, in America. Haha. I hate the city I live in, but I'm not going to give out that much information. I have 2 sisters, technically 4 but I won't go in depth. My 13 year old sister, Hanna, is very...weird...but she loves anime as much as I do. If not more. Once upon a time I used to be very very obsessed with it but I gradually grew out of it because no one felt the same way about anime/manga as I did. Then my sister started obsessing over it and at first I was like WTF. But then I ended up joining her, so once again I became a major otaku. ^_^

Anyways, my best friend, her name is Kaylee. She calls me a nerd and geek all the time because of my obsession, but that's okay. Because one day, she will like all of this as much as I do. :).

I am very friendly and I love talking to people, especially if it's about anime! Haha. :). So if you want to get to know me more, you can email me. I'd give you my facebook, but that's too personal in my mind.

[email protected]