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Fear is as natural a feeling as it is an instinct; and without it we would surely die, wouldn't we?

Who is right?

The difference between good and evil is simple; evil seeks to reveal while good devotes itself to keep it hidden.

Fall Of Threnody Pt. II

Inside of the school Xerin sat in his homeroom as bored as ever as the teacher went on and on with his rant about Adin cutting class yet again and how annoyed about it he was. Xerin could honestly care less, Adin did this kind of thing every once ...

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Fall Of Threnody Pt. I

“Whether it was for the power to destroy, to create, or even to protect strength is strength, and every man and woman has wanted it once, no matter what their situation…”

The sun glistened brightly off the cool waters of the Requillion Sea that spread out before Adin as he sat on a hill overlooking the beach. It was nice to have days like this; a day with beautiful weather, the suns shone brightly over the city that stood proudly behind him. Threnody, a beautiful port city, stood as one of Gretti's most prosperous cities that enjoyed warm weather year round. Adin loved this city as much as any 17-year-old could. He loved the marketplace, which sold the most delicious foods a boy could steal in his free time and he just loved the people in general. Everyone in this place was just... nice. He loved every aspect of this city, that was except the neighborhood kids. God they were a bunch of idiots who never had any clue what was going on in the real world and only seemed to care about what was going on here in their lives. Adin on the other hand had big dreams of becoming a knight of the Gretti Grand Knights. That way he could walk around the country of Gretti as freely as he'd wanted to; saving people and getting recognition for his deeds to the king and his country.
It was for this reason that he'd taken up swordsmanship with his good friends Varahn and Jarogan. Of course there were others who he trained with even if they didn't train with swords, like Xerin, Braxlin, and Aran. Braxlin and Aran preferred spearmanship over swordsmanship and Xerin preferred his guns and weaponsmithing over those two. Adin had no real problem with them but he just couldn't understand just what they saw in training with anything other than a sword, it just didn't make sense to him. The way the sword felt in his hand and the way it flowed with the rhythm of his body were indescribable to him. Jarogan was a master of quick two handed sword stances, making them seem to dance around your body giving you no chance to counterattack. And Varahn... the way he crushed his enemies could only be described as demonic and struck fear in many people who'd even just decided to watch. He understood that people had their own tastes in fighting but to him the sword was still the only way to go.
It was on this particular day that Adin decided to take a day off from school along with training and just relax near the beach. A breeze blew by him and he felt at ease, at peace with himself. There was nothing like ditching some school to just let yourself go and drift off into sleep. Adin suddenly opened his eyes and sat up slowly yawning. He looked behind him and saw Braxlin and Varahn walk up next to him; he made some room for them to sit. Varahn sat down next to Adin but Braxlin continued to stand where he was, propping himself up with his wooden Bo. Adin laid back down and continued to admire the scenery around him.
“So why are you guys ditching school today,” asked Adin smugly. Braxlin looked down to Adin and replied, “We’re supposed to be out here “looking” for you so we can escort you back to class.” Varahn chuckled, “Supposed to being the key term here.” They all laughed and Braxlin continued, “So you guys, what do you want to do? Are we just going to just sit here and wait for someone to come looking for us?” Adin smiled and said, “Doesn’t sound like a half bad idea.” Varahn nodded in agreement. Braxlin sighed and sat down. He looked up towards the sky and remarked, “It sure is a nice day today isn’t it?” Adin almost began to say something when suddenly there was a great thundering sound coming from the other side of town. Braxlin stood up quickly and the others did as well. “What the hell was that,” exclaimed Adin. Braxlin looked toward where the sound came from and noticed smoke rising up from that direction. “Well whatever it was it didn’t sound good…” Braxlin said. Varahn just stared quietly at the smoke before nodding to Braxlin’s remark. “We need to head to school and see if everyone’s ok,” Varahn said before sprinting off into that direction. Braxlin and Adin followed Varahn through the winding city streets towards the school.
When they arrived they noticed the school was on lockdown and the city patrols were standing outside. Adin, Braxlin, and Varahn walked over to one of the guards and asked what was going on. The guard turned toward them and said, “Sorry boys, no one is allowed in right now, this school is on lockdown.” Adin replied with a little annoyance, “We figured that much out already, what we want to know is why the school is on lockdown.” The guard looked at Adin and replied, “Sorry I myself don’t know what exactly is going on, we’re just here to make sure nothing happens to the school. Now, we’re under orders to make sure no one goes in or out of this school, so go on home. Don’t worry it’s probably nothing.” Ironically and right then there was another thunderous explosion and this time it rocked the ground and sounded closer… much closer than the last one. “Damn, what the hell was that,” exclaimed Adin. With no reply from anyone Adin finally noticed Varahn, Braxlin, and the other guards looking in horror toward the front gates of the city. Adin followed their gaze and saw what appeared to be an army marching into the city through a huge hole that had been blasted through their city walls. “Dear lord,” one of the guards muttered. “Is that the Rewilden Imperial Army?!” Another guard exclaimed, “What are they doing here?! Is it an invasion?!” Suddenly one of the guards, the commander of the squad, stood up and began to bark, “Men get a hold of yourselves! We’re being invaded so get it together! We must protect this city at all costs!” Some of the guards regained their composure and the commander began to give orders. “I want you men to stay here and evacuate the school immediately. The rest will come with me.” He looked over toward Varahn, Adin, and Braxlin and barked, “You three boys, help them evacuate the school, we’ll hold off the army as long as we can, now get going!” Varahn, Braxlin, and Adin turned around and ran in full sprint toward the school. I hope everyone is alright in there... Adin thought as he ran with Braxlin and Varahn toward te school.