Umm... hello. It seems as thoough you've entered my new realm. I'm not very good at these intros. So all I'll say is welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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I'm back...

After a long vacation from theO I have returned! :D

Nothing really interesting to report except I have undertaken the Nuzlocke Challenge. I have a cool general storyline that I have in the works for the challenge that I think you all will generally enjoy. So yeah be on the lookout for more pages and stuff.


Holy hell I won the challenge!!!! *In an odd sounding normal tone*Yaaaaaaay *just cheers like a retard* Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Yaaaaaaaaaaay, yaaaaaaaaaaay.... *with some feelin now* HOOO-AHH! HO YEEAAAAH!!! LET IT BE KNOWN TO ALL OF THOSE ENTERING CHALLENGES, THAT I HAVE ARRIVED! XD FEAR MEH AND THE AWESOME KNOWN AS MY ART! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA

*plays Final Fantasy victory song* Doodoodododedoodoodedoo Dedoodoodoodedoooooooo



Hello everybody. I've got some big news for you all. I've becoma a global moderator on a roleplaying site called I'm actually kind of proud of myself about the whole promotion thing, which brings to me to the point of this post. As a global moderator I have to invite new members of the roleplaying world to Dawn of the New Moon, and I thought that theotaku would be the perfect place to advertise the site.

Now this site is simple, you make a couple of roleplaying characters and you play out their lives. There are three races to choose from; the human, the powerful werewolves, and those sexy devils we all know as vampires. The story on this site is the vampires and werewolves are now warring with each other after the leaders, Louis Clearwater(vampire) and Jaci Emerson(werewolf), divorced each other breaking the peace between the two races. Now this site is still relatively new and the story hasn't moved too far so I need you the members of theOtaku to help move this story into the dark tale it was meant to be. If there are any questions at all about this site please pm me and I'll answer them as soon as possible. Oh and if you have roleplaying friends who might be interested then please tell them about the site and have them pm me as well.

Be seein' yall later.


To all my friends on myO, the chats on myO, and to those who watch my updates, I won't be here for a while as I have a funeral to attend. I probably won't have anything posted up until maybe... next thursady or next next monday. I'll probably be too busy dealing with new family (to me at least) and my Honors Band thingy I got. I have to attend the Honors band only because I made it so high up in the ranks of the trombone section. -_- *sighs* Oh well other news would be I have started my Valentines Day Special for my Floors of Madness series, and I'm also working on someone else's request for like a CandyLand special, so I'll have those for you guys in the near future. Keep an eye out for whatever I can post and I'lll talk to yall later.


When do fan words get posted up???? I've been awaiting for mine to show up in the fan words section for the longest while, but nothings happened... maybe it's this computer or maybe that process takes a long time, either way I'm kinda annoyed by it now. *sighs* Oh well, I guess I'll be off and stuff. Next post shall be my alternate Christmas story so plz be on the lookout for that. See ya when or even if I get to.