Therapy for the broken

You know it's hard but theres always a way..


Mood: Confused
Time: 2:56 PM
Listening to: Where Butterflies Never Die - Broken Iris

Hello.. Obviously if you can see this you care or I subscribed back to you. No critizism too bad now...

I think Im in love with a guy I barely know, I know that sounds stupid but hes the only person who got me a birthday present... So Im in debt to him and I guess I accidently gave him a boner.. *squeaks* -w-; I DIDNT MEAN TO! Dx

Uhm... I feel so tired and unimportant. I think I might go take a nap.. I cant wait till I go to my sisters. I need a break from everyone majorly.


I hate you both.

So it just turns up that my grandparents think its funny as hell to blame me for everything in the lamest reasons.
You stole my scissors.
No I didnt, I have my own!
Right you just take mine because you lost yours.
No I know where they are... They're in my bedroom.. In my bed.

God I know where my Scissors are I mean like 3-4 weeks ago I cut myself with them, Im pretty sure I know where they are.

I hate them both sometimes, Im ready to leave the fucking nest. I'm tired of it. Just plain tired of them..

Whisk me away already before I go insane. Yeah that'd be the plan. Ha.

The Bloodster had a secret...It was herself.

In short non-vivid terms...

I could be a girl fathered from the wrong man... I apologize to my father Bryan if I am.. I apologize to Jeremy for not being in his life if I am his. I dont understand much anymore.. Im upset about everything the factors it could factor in...

See you all....


I hate people.

I honestly hate how the people in my school are, They are indeed fake and very mean to eachother.
I cant stand them, None of them! I wish I could just leave, At least leave to a simple small town that wont have those problems... I want to go to my Aunt's home..
I want to leave Waverly Ohio.
I want to go to Charlise Pennslyvania. At least somewhere far from Ohio, maybe If I lived with my boyfriend and his parents...

I miss him, i miss simple life where no-one abused eachother.. LIKE someone in my class abuses my friend..
I hope he goes and lives a lonely life.
Im tired of him.. Im tired of everyone in the world doing this.
Im tired!

In other news!

I have almost finished Okami-Den! Ha!
YES! I'm like almost like very close to winning and beating the game I think... I HOPE.
YAY! Like I need some more stuff to win and ect.

I cant believe Im almost finished with it.


~ Bloody

If theres One thing I hate;;

Theres so many things I hate about a certain person.. I would have to say I would take a baseball bat upside their heads if I could!
Someone hurt my lover to tears.. He called me yesterday after he said he was going to get in trouble and started crying..
I know why too but I am restrained to not telling any of you..
But it made me very upset enough to threaten with a baseball bat. If anything... I would enjoy that no one made him cry like that..
I cant be there to hold him tightly against my chest alike a mother soothing her baby.. Even though I can see myself doing that to him to try to sooth him from tears.
Theres so many things I picture along with him.. I can see myself jumping infront of him for a sacrfice telling people never to touch him. He is mine.. Hes my little tall puppy... Whom needs to be left alone.. Hes got enough to deal with.. And I cant protect him from it all. I wish I could.


Hes okay now. c: