Quiz Time

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A little quiz!

You have to answer each question truthfully.
Here we go!

What's your name?
-baka oyaji


Favorite band(s)/singer(s)?
-pendulum, celldweller, blue stahli, voicians, BT, hollywood undead, framing hanley, blood stain child,
skillet.....and....uh..... dont remember!! -_-!!

Favorite anime?
-"yelling DBZ style" @[email protected] it over 9000 ...argggggggggg.....and still counting -_-!!

Favorite T.V show (not anime)?
-by favorite if u mean a show that u wont miss for anything... then theres none [for anime i'll miss anything] :p

Favorite manga?
-none ... i have read quite some mangas but yeah none are my fav!!

Favorite Book/series?
-not exactly a fan of reading!!

Favorite Videogames?
- "it is still over 9000" XD and still counting!! :p

Do you have a pet? What is it? What is it's name? Nickname? Breed?
-umm no..

Who do you live with?
-parents and a annoying brother who thinks hes the king of the world!!

Got and brothers? Sisters?
-yep one brother....although i wish i had a sister too [coz its always like that ...u know the importance of ones that u dont have]

Where do you live?
-on earth in a place called India

Do you go to school?

Where do you go to school?
- my dad was in army he kept getting posted every few yrs so iv studied at 6 different schools
-K. hearts school in Jammu - 3 yrs
-army school in jammu - 1 yr
-army school in andhra predesh - 5 yrs
-army school in ferozpur - 1 yr
-K.V. school in faridkot - 2 yrs
-K.V. school in bathinda - 2 yrs
i think the huge part of easy depression and lonliness comes from this fact that i lost really good frnds so many times!! :/

Are you in a relationship?

Do you wish you were?
-its a 50-50 balance so yes and no.... XD

What's your favorite food?
-anything that has noodles and egges in it!! :p

What's your favorite animal(s)?
-cats and dogs
btw i read it from somewhere -

DOG to its owner - this person feeds me, loves me, takes care of me, gave me a home . this persone must be god..
[dogs personality - loyal]
CAT to its owner - this person feeds me, loves me, takes care of me, gave me a home . i must be god..
[cats personality - manipulative]

Do you have more than one account on the otaku?

Did you ever have a account but erased it before this one?
-hmmmm... no

what was your username?
-Carbon Ace

Do you have a lot of friends on theO?
-not really i have a few but good frnds !! :]

Do you like how your life is going?
-again it a 50-50 balance i like somethings and i dont like somethings!!

If you could go back in time would you?
-to only relive the momories - yes
-to change something - no

Do you do something that you and/or others wish you didn't do?
-maybe.. idk.. i cant remember but i guess i have!!

Do you usually talk to others when your upset?
-sometime yes

Are you kind?
-this question shuld be for others to answer [uknow maybe a survey about ur frnds?? idk]...but even if i say "yes im kind" will u "J.U.S.T." believe it??

Are you funny?
-umm yea ..i guess........ my jokes dont work on everyone u see.. XD

Forgot to ask this before! When is your Birthday?
-"17th April"...i guess in other countries they say it like "April 17th"

Wish someone should just go away?

Do you like to draw?
-i love to draw

What's your hobbies?
-Art is life, music is soul, anime is love.

What colour is you hair?

Eye colour?
-Dark brown

Got any piercing?
-nup... i wonder if they are cool to have ??

Do you have ratios? Stuff like that?
-do i have what?? u mean 1:2 ratio?? O.o?? -_-??

Do you wear fake eyelashes?
-O.o im a guy.... but then again idk if guys do that ... i dont O.O

Fake nails?
-ahahahahaha ...ahh.no

Do you have long nails?
-i like to keep them short

What hollowed costumes have you worn?
- i haven't worn any costumes in my life..

Did you enjoy the quiz?

Would you want a part 2nd the quiz?
- if there are no reapet question

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