5 Things

so hana san tagged me :p yay XD

5 Things Meme

5 Nicknames:

x monu [faimly members call me that]
x ace [kinda obvious coz some ppl might never stop calling me that XD]
x Xcarbon [for gaming... tags... profiles and stuff]
x altu [my old frndz used to call me that...yeah -_-!! didnt really workout]
x carbon frost [ ?? ]

5 Best Friends:

x Hanawa
x ecnelisterger
x Alexaclyne
x shrike san [real life frnd]
x rohan [real life frnd]

5 Enemies:

x 1 hour late bus!!...[+1hr on the bus stop ?? seriously who likes that?]
x the guy in my class who thinks rest of us are 3 yr old idiots!!
x milk [im old enuff to understand that milk is good..i still dont like it]
x the whole electricity board of this country [ i mean common when will u stop
givig us power cuts]
x a anime villain who kid-naps a kawai onna [ XD]

5 Generic Things About You:

x Gender: male
x D.O.B: April 17th 5648 [do u really need to know the year?? ]
x Location: India
x Hair colour: black
x Eye colour: dark brown

5 Features About Your Face:

x short forehead
thats it
O.o im not gunna go in front of a mirror and look for facial features...
never really observed my face that much

5 Physical Features you like about yourself:

x my hands [idk y but my palm ... fingers look really cool to me O.o!!]
x my legs that can kik the mango juice out of sumone XD

5 Physical Features You Hate About Yourself:

x none really im happy with what i've got ... it could've been worse!!

5 Random Facts About You:

x even though i get scared and remain scared for the next week i would still watch
horror/ghost movies....!!
x i LITERALLY start to fall a sleep when sumone is teaching!!! LITERALLY O.O
x watch a lot of ecchi anime [ O.O what?? u know u do too but u just won't admit it]
x stage fear!! T_T
x can crush even extreme anger and stay calm [im proud of it]

5 Things About Your Personality:

x open minded
x short temper [thats exactly y im proud that i can eaisly stay calm when im angry]
x a little bit of "loner"
x comedian of the group
x gets happy and depressed very easily

i dont know myself very well!!

5 Colors You Like:

x black
x blue
x red
x read the first 3
x read the first 4

5 Foods You Like:

x chow mein
x scrambled eggs
x burger
x spicy junk food
x kheer [Indian sweet dish]

5 Bands You Like:

some of them might not be bands .. i would still mention them :p

x Pendulum
x celldweller
x voicians
x blue sthali
x linkin park

5 Scents You Like:

x the scent of mud after rain
x "censored" XD JK
x whitewash
x scent of yummy food
x scent of a good shampoo

5 Movies You Like:

x life as we know it
x due date
x hangover
x harold and kumar
x Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

5 Celebrities You Like:

x jason staten
x thats all :
x read 2
x read 3
x read 4

5 Things About Your Best Friend:

x is funny
x understands my jokes and laughs [and others stare at us like owls!! O.O]
x whenever he wants to get rid of me he starts acting gay! and he does it with style O.O!
x is better than me in 3d modeling stuff!!
x looks like a tourist when he wears glasses!!XD

5 Things About Your Crush:

x shes much older than me!!
x she's a adobe certified expert!!
x she sits in a big cabin
x she's married !! -_-!!
x yeah she's one of the directors of our institute!!

NO im not out of my mind .. U look at her .. and theres no girl u can compare
her to!!

5 Hobbies:

x drawing/coloring/painting
x playing pc games
x music [like i need to point that out!!]
x surfing net O.o
x watching anime!!

5 Talents:

x drawing/coloring/painting
x 3d modeling
x creating somewhat nooby music
x i do have a pretty good talent of irritating ppl
x .........

5 People You're Gonna Tag:

x AlexaClyne
x ecnelisterger
x SarahPatricia
x Xxpicklejuice01xX
x mickyodragon

finished half in the morning and half at night ...twas fun :D

first time i've been tagged :D