Dante Lantian

This is how an Original Character of mine feels deep inside. If there are any comments on wanting to know about his past I'll gladly post it!

(Present tense)
Standing alone on a cold clear evening Dante L stares up at the cresent moon, his clawed hands hanging at his sides. A glint of pain shines in his multi colored eyes as memories forever burned into his mind rear their ugly heads. Without realizing it his fists clench until the claws built into his knuckle bones dig into the flesh of his palms. Warm tears sting the corners of his eyes as the scene of his rape seems to play in front of his eyes like a horrific movie, his mind forcing him to re-live it over and over. The movie switches to seeing his insane self raping first the Inu, then the asian man that is now a good friend.

(Past Tense)
How the fuck did he get accepted after everything he'd done? He had left gashes on both of his victims, and though he hadn't been in his right mind he blamed himself for the scars he still saw on Henry's arms and back.

(Present Tense)
A loud cry of anguish leaves him as he drops to his knees and holds his head in his hands. Without thinking he tears his shirt off and unsheaths his claws, the pain and memories too much for him to bear. His metallic claws drag across the bare flesh of his chest, fresh red blood trickling from each gash. Each time the memory replays he digs at himself making himself bleed...paying for what he did to them. Blood loss forces him to stop, puddles of his own blood forming around him as ir drips freely down his body. The pain of fresh cuts and gashes covering his arms, back, sides, finally kick in and stop him from continuing the self mutilation. A final cry of pain escapes him as he falls forward to the grassy ground, his eyes closing as sweet unconsciousness consumes his mind.

(Past, then Present Tense)
This time...he had not finished what he'd set out to do. But how long before he simply throws himself from the very cliff he now lays on....Nobody knows or sees the scars he leaves on himself...but this time he was careless...no shirt or jacket could cover his neck and hands...He went too far. Now he'll have to be treated by a doctor and they'll know...but for now he doesn't care...No. Because exaustion has claimed him...