Name:Matsuo Airi
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My Apologies!

UGH! I really wanted to get this stuff up and running sooner but I recently had a computer failure.

... My poor baby isn't up and running, mind you, I'm still just using my mum's computer for the moment.

If you really want to know what I've been like for the last month, this about sums it up:


My computer crashed today and I have no idea if/when I can get it fixed... Kinda using mum's computer right now and I'd just hook my tablet and install SAI on here, but nooo~! Whatever, hahaha. I'm kinda afraid of what I might find if I do too much poking around on this thing anyways. XDDDD

So this kinda puts a halt on everything... T__T
Don't get me wrong... I can still check messages, I just can't post any art until this gets fixed.

Note to self (and anyone still waiting on something):

1.Chibi OC for Potatobuns (Kiriban prize lol)
2.France and Quebec Chibis for Roseannepage (Sorry for such a wait)
3.Contest Entry for DarkHetalia (Halloween Contest)

Ugh. Dammit. I feel like I forgot something important.


Thank you all for being so patient with me!!! I really don't know what I'd do without you guys supporting me and my crappy little chibis. *gives you the puppy eyes* Hug?"


Requests and Art Trades Are Open!

Ffff~ Yeah, okay... I know I haven't posted anything in for freaking ever so~
I prefer to do art trades because I don't like doing things for free, but I'm feeling generous this time. Of course... You all know me for my chibis don't you? Meh, I'll draw as many chibis as I have to in order to get rid of this boredom. That is... If you all will do me the favor of asking me to do something? XD You can go check out my DA if you think you might want to take a look at some non-chibi arts of mine.


On another note~

Let me write something like what this world is really supposed to be about... RANDOM BITS OF AWESOME!!!

Awesome Number One:
I was digging through my closet and found this really old shoe box with the label "ROMANO" on it. Guess where the shoes were made!
*Drumroll please!*


Freaking creepy, right? I kinda wonder if that's where Himaruya-sensei got the idea for Romano's name... I mean... That box is about as old as I am.

Awesome Number Two:
My mum said some really strange things... Like:

"It's not a unicorn, it's a HOMOCORN!"
(We were talking about Iggy and his unicorn and uhh... It just kinda snowballed from there, haha.)

"Don't forget the PORN!!!!"
(There was no actual porn involved in the making of this sentence.)

Totally Not Awesome:

I was thinking back to all of my history classes and not a one of them talked about World War I. I asked my mum if she remembered learning about World War I in school and she said "Now that you mention it... I don't think so,". I asked a bunch of other people that've gone to other schools and none of them knew anything about WWI either! Now I wonder if it's like that in the rest of the USA or just here in Oklahoma? Either way, it wouldn't surprise me.

Do you all know what started WWI? What about who fought in it? How did it end?

((I already know these answers because I'm awesome like that, but I want to know if you all do too.))

~Little Awesome (Matsuo♥)