Turn the Channel Dear

“Come on Ash, turn it to channel 9,” whined Daniel Stock, “The game’s coming on!”
She tightened her grip on the remote control, “The game won’t come on for fifteen minutes,” said Ashley, her last name just recently changed from Nickel to Stock, “I need to see what’s happening in the world Dan. We are going to watch the news.”
The newlyweds both sat on the couch, Ashley leaning away on one side so Daniel wouldn’t be tempted to steal the remote and Daniel on the other side, taking sips of his already half empty beer. Ashley did not like watching any kind of sports, so to put off the impending doom, turned it to the news, hoping to keep it there as long as she could.
The local news flashed noisily to their most recent story about a serial killer on the loose.
“The amount of evil in the world is unbelievable,” commented Ashley, “Who could murder another human being?” Daniel just looked at the clock, impatiently counting down the minutes. His hand absentmindedly played with the electrical cord of the lamp sitting on the table beside the couch.
The story went on, all the killers victims were women, and the ones found were murdered presumably on Monday of last week, this Thursday and Saturday. The women’s faces were shown.
“That could have been me.” Ashley whispered to herself, looking at the faces of the dead. “Hey Dan, what were you doing Monday, Thursday, and Saturday?” she said jokingly to her husband, trying to get her mind off the news.
Daniel arched one eyebrow mischievously, not taking his eyes off the clock, “Oh, you know, same ol’, same ol’,” he said smiling; it was ten minutes until the game started.
The news continued, a vehicle was seen reportedly at the scenes of the crimes, a red truck, license plate number: 6-“Isn’t that funny?” said Ashley laughing, “You have a red truck.”
“Ha ha, that’s weird,” Daniel said, still playing with the lamps cord.
License plate number: 676, other three numbers unknown. The serial killer-
“Ha ha,” Ashley laughed nervously, “isn’t that the first three numbers on your plate? Dan?” she whispered her grip on the remote shaking slightly.
Daniel smiled; five minutes until the game, “Weird right?” he looked away from the clock to face her grinning, “Hey babe, do you think you can turn it to the game?”
The news continued in the background- all women were strangled with electrical cords.