This is the world where post my poetry, short stories, etc. I want to become an author so I think that making a world about writing would be a good idea. I hope that you guys like my writing, please critique it, I really do enjoy it when people comment.

My work can sometimes be creepy, sometimes pretty, but it won't be anything over PG-13 or yaoi.

DD Part 2 Ch. 16

So here's the begining of Part 2, Chapter 16! It's pretty big chapter. Oh and I'm really lazy right now so I haven't gone through and indented everything. ~Aaron~ The rain pelted down, the fat droplets almost st...

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DD Ch.15

The last chapter for Part 1: The Games. Enjoy! Chapter 15 Default ~Dragon Dancer~ “Ha ha ha, it’s been awhile Gray,” I sighed, this ...

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DD Ch.14

This chapter's pretty short but hopefully it'll be a bit interesting. Enjoy! Chapter 14 Talk ~Aaron Brand looked terrible coming out of the arena but when we caught him before he was taken to the infirmary he had enough ...

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DD Ch. 13

I've been thinking lately about making a world just for Dragon Dancer. I'd resubmit edited chapters and see if I could get them published as Fan Words. Maybe when I'm finished with it... Anyway enjoy the chapter!! All you Brand fans should...

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DD Ch. 12

I kinda just typed the last part so this is going to be rough. Chapter 12 Shower ~Aaron~ My headache had returned, not really helping my mood. The three of us sat in our room waiting for the agonizing hour to pass. Gra...

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