These are just bits and pieces of things I wrote, and need advice on, or never finished. I do have a few guest posters on here as well. The main idea, is to get your work out, so as to get tips on how to improve. Please comment on the work, if you have an opinion of any kind, good or bad.

Also, if you have any question on my work, or would like to become a guest poster, just PM me. I do write on request sometimes, so don't hesitate to let me know if you wanna see something in particular.

The Beatings

The human memory isn’t like a film real, feeding us a constant stream of exactly what happened and why. It’s more like a stack of pictures, or one of those old flip-page books. You remember certain images, sen...

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Poor Adam

One upon a time, there was a very popular site founder, named Adam, who had lots of things to do, like walk the dog, play guitar hero, and publish Fan Words. Then one day, he got the life he never wanted. You see, it all started when this gi...

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Foot Fetish?

Tom and Mark were cranky from having to get up in time for their eight AM classes on a Monday, but when they say saw Tiffany up ahead of them, the day brightened slightly. Also, it was the perfect excuse for a race. Tom got to her first. "H...

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Gryphon in the Barn

Gryphons are pesky creatures. They start off small, eating rats in the barns, and sharing the milk farmers set out for the cats. But pretty soon they get bigger and start eating the cats, the chickens, and pretty soon the young calves and...

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A Dragons' Lament

We will always remember that time. It was when the breeding grounds were green and lush, and there were many births. Our clan was the masters of earth and sky. The mere people held the waters and were at peace with the ancient dragons. But mankind...

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