Monster [Part 1]

Monster [Part 1]

The wind ripped at everything from the already tender-from-autumn leaves, to the small deposits of snow near the curbs, to the recently-cut and dyed pixie pink hair on Dawn’s head. Her striped knee-high socked legs marched her briskly through the crisp October air, only pausing near the small town’s only traffic signal. The frosty air didn’t prevent her stride, but it still seemed to get to her. A lengthy, thick, green cardigan was pulled tightly over her small bust effortlessly, billowing around her small frame. She wrapped her arms around herself tightly to keep warm.
Small towns never really suited Dawn. She much preferred large cityscapes where it was never truly night time. Her old city of Los Angeles had a habit of being as bright as day during the dead of the night from signs, tower lights, and countless shops illuminating the streets.
The small dusty town of Mare was nearly barren to say the least. It had few actual paved roads, meaning that both rocks and chalk-like dust sprung up whenever a car passed by. Signs of actual populous parts of town were non-existent; shops were very few, and had limited selection. Worst of all, Dawn noted, was that the street lights seemed too far apart from one another to make a difference in the pitch blackness that a Mare night brought.


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