My apologies for all of you who last visited this world and saw my Anime Closet series...those were spposed to go into my other world instead.
But hey, because of it I feel I must make it up to you.
Sorry it's so late, though...with NaNoWriMo (which I probably should have posted about, in hindsight) and a project I am doing for another site, I've been a little busy.

Of course, to make up for something, the last thing I want to do is lecture you all. So here's a site just to give you material for writing. It is called When you find it, click one of the several links at the margins. My favorites so far are Oxymorons and Cute Jokes, but feel free to explore.

Basically the site is for random, interesting/creepy/make-you-think factoids, some true, some not. It is good for inspiring wit. Or if you have a 'Class Clown' character of sorts, and you're running out of material, perhaps you can use the site as a sort of cheat code.

This is just so you hve another tool out there. But even if you don't use it, I still hope you enjoy it.

I know me and my kin here at home did. :)

Next post will be about realism in descriptions of places and things.
But for now, it's just this.

Good luck out there!