Show, Don't Tell

A bad method in writing is to say constantly, "He/She/I was scared," or "He/She/I was hungry," or sad or angry or excited or whatever.

Here's something you can do once in a while. Take a phrase like what I've just mentioned. like, "I was scared." Elaborate. Tell all about you being scared, without using the word 'scared.' For example:

I was scared.

My legs were trembling with the effort to stand, my teeth chattering nonstop. My hands were clammy and covered in sweat, wringing themselves as I walked forward hesitatanly. The smallest noises made me jump, the wind on the back of my neck making me shiver.

--and so, you get the picture. It's just to practice showing something, without telling.

However, this really only works with feelings. Don't go off talking about long, wooden sticks with suction cups on the end. Just say plunger. No need to get fancy there.