My apologies for all of you who last visited this world and saw my Anime Closet series...those were spposed to go into my other world instead.
But hey, because of it I feel I must make it up to you.
Sorry it's so late, though...with NaNoWriMo (which I probably should have posted about, in hindsight) and a project I am doing for another site, I've been a little busy.

Of course, to make up for something, the last thing I want to do is lecture you all. So here's a site just to give you material for writing. It is called When you find it, click one of the several links at the margins. My favorites so far are Oxymorons and Cute Jokes, but feel free to explore.

Basically the site is for random, interesting/creepy/make-you-think factoids, some true, some not. It is good for inspiring wit. Or if you have a 'Class Clown' character of sorts, and you're running out of material, perhaps you can use the site as a sort of cheat code.

This is just so you hve another tool out there. But even if you don't use it, I still hope you enjoy it.

I know me and my kin here at home did. :)

Next post will be about realism in descriptions of places and things.
But for now, it's just this.

Good luck out there!

Anime Closet Adventure Five!


"How did I even get here?"
Everyone blinks, and turns to X.
"What do you mean?" asks L.
Kurama says, "I'm fairly certain you walked, but knowing PheonixFox, that could very well be wrong."
"I remember being with Ai. And a gorilla." X scratched the back of his head, looking very confused.
"Who's Ai?" asked Kurama.
"Who cares, really?" Hao asked, sounding bored at his end of the room.
"Hao..." Al whined nervously.
"I don't get this place at all," Riku sighed. "I'm going to go check out the rooms."
"A-are you sure that's wise?" Higuchi asked.
Riku looked at him. "Why wouldn't it be? She said we can go where we want to."
"We--Hiei and I--found something...bizarre..."
"Oh?" asked Hao, curious. "What?"
Higuchi shook his head. "Not telling."
"Well, I'm not goin to sit here and just do nothing," Edward procalimed. "I'm bored. I wonder where those libraries are?"
"Let's go find them then, brother," said Alphonse.
Edward nodded. "I was planning to. The only way to know our around here is to find out. Come on."
Kurama perked up. "May I join you?"
"Sure, why not?"
"Oh! Me, too." X stood up and smiled.
"Fine with me. Let's go."
They all headed for the small hallway to the door, and Hao got up to go with them.
The hallway through the door was just as long as usual. "Which way?" asked Kurama.
"Let's go one at a time," suggested Alphonse. "We can try the one next door first..?"
Edward shrugs and goes to the next door over, tugging it open as Kurama closed the one to the closet.
They found themselves in a room, in a bedroom to be precise. The walls were painted navy blue, and the bedspread was of the same color. There was a computer on a desk in the corner, beside which stood a stack of books. There was a dresser and a bookcase, and a door to a bathroom.
Hao slid his hand over the wall and found the light switch, and a light bulb on the ceiling blinked on.
"Who's room is this?" Al wondered aloud. "Someone else lives here?"
"Then why do they get their own room!!" fumed Edward.
Kurama walked over to the desk and picked up one of the books. "They're all fantasy novels. Dragon Rider, Companions of the Night, Vampirates..."
X poked a picture. "Oh. Isn't this that girl we saw earlier?"
Glancing over his shoulder, Hao saw HiguchiGirl standing there making a peace sign between two adults. She was noticeably younger than her present age. "That's her, alright."
"So those are her parents," said Kurama. "I wonder why we haven't seen them."
"Wait a minute, guys," said Al. "Don't you think that can only mean one thing?"
"What?" they all asked in unison.
"That this is HER room."
They all stopped.
Quickly they filed out, but not before Hao spotted a box on top of the dresser. He peeked inside quickly, expecting expensive jewelry as proof she was high born.
Inside, however, were a bunch of letters. Hoping no one would notice he did, especially not PheonixFox, he snagged the papers, stuffed them in one of his pockets, and shut the door on his way out.

(Ouran High School Host Club World)

Hearing the three knocks on the double doors of his Dark Magic Club, Nekozawa and his cat puppet went to the door. Could one have the members left behind something? He probably would have spotted it by now.
On the other side stood a girl that was clearly not from Ouran. "Mmm? Who are you?"
She smiled. "I'm PheonixFox! Nice to meet you!"
"What is it?" He suddenly smiled a slightly evil-looking smile. "Did you want a curse on someone?"
Shaking her head she replied, "Sorry, but no. Actually, I was wondering if you'd come with me. I have one other person so go find and fetch as well, if you would like to join me."
"Well, sure, why not? As long as we stay in limited light, that is."
"Of course! Let's go!"


A small while later, they finally found one of the libraries they were looking for.
And by the sheer size of it, Edward was pretty astounded to think that there were more than one.
Hao looked around, drinking it all in. "Well. She seems to like books. A lot."
"You aren't kidding," whistled Edward.
Kurama went up to the closet shelf and fingered the bindings. "This looks to be the mystery section." He pulled off a few to read their backs.
X came up to look at them from the side. "Books are boring," he said.
Ed grimaced. "Then why'd you come along?"
"I don't know. Not anymore, anyway."
"What does that mean!?" Ed demanded.
"Calm down, Ed. ^_^;" Kurama said.
Ed continued, "What's your deal, anyways! You can't seem to remember ANYTHING!"
X shrugged. "That's the whole reason why I was looking for my identity. Though how I'll do it now..."
"Your identity?" asked Kurama.
X smiled, shook his head, and gave Kurama a cryptic look. "What else do you think this place has?" he asked.

(Hana Kimi World)

"Kayashima~!" called PheonixFox. "Kayashima~? Where are you~?"
"=_=; You do realize, PheonixFox, that nobody is here, correct?" asked Nekozawa.
"Yup. But Kayashima has his way of knowing these things. Kayashima~!"
"You can stop that now."
The both turned around to find a purple/black-haired youth behind them.
Nekozawa radiated dark-aura joy. "Wow, PheonixFox, you were right~!"
"Kayashima! We've got someplace to be and I'm taking you with me!" sang PheonixFox.
"What for?"
"You get to find out when you get there!"
Kayashima frowned.
"Oh c'mon, please?"
He shrugged. "I don't see the harm in it."
"Good! Now let's head to my place! That's where it all unfolds~!"

Anime Closet Adventure Four!

(Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro World)

"X. I'm home."
There was silence.
"Hold on!"
Ai stood motionless, waiting, and suddenly the wall nearby burst in, and through the hole came a very large gorilla, X riding on top of it. "Have a look at this, Ai! Gorilla!"
"-_- What about the many boxes of frogs we've ordered?"
"Oh, I've grown sick of them already. I'm ready to try gorilla liver!"
Ai sighed, looking over at the mountain of boxes full of frogs. This wasn't good. Maybe she could sell them to a school for disection.
When she looked back, she found the gorilla back in its cage, as seen through the hole in the wall, and X was missing.


Edward and Alphonse arrived, in a mysteriously unknown fashion, to a very large building, painted with crazy colors and patterns. There were pentagrams, binding and curse circles, stars, planets, clocks, cartoon-based ghosts, and many other things besides like playing cards, rockets, and cotton candy.
"What an interesting place," Alphonse noted nervously.
Edward just nodded numbly, overwhelmed by all of the paintings.
"Hmm? Hello. Who might you be?"
Both Elrics turned to see a young man with long, black-brown hair walking up to them, a leisurely grin on his face. Over his shoulders he wore a tan scarf that seemed to act double as a shoulder cape.
"I-I'm Alphonse," said Al. "You can just call me Al!"
"I'm Edward Elric, his brother. ELDER brother, to be precise."
The boy smiled. "I see that. I'm Hao Asakura. Are you here for the same reason I am?"
"I dunno, that DEPENDS," Edward said. "What are YOU here for?"
Hao held up a folded piece of paper. "I got a letter."
"So did we!" Al said. "We don't really know what's going on though..."
"And nobody knows who our host is?" he asked politely, cocking his head and still smiling like he was in a daze.
Ed and Al both shook their heads. "It's a mystery to us."
"Ah, hello, honored guests."
Approaching them now was a tall man, in black robes hemmed in red. Lucifer. Behind him walked a very confused and very curious X.
"And who are you?" Hao asked. "Our host?" He looked around Lucifer to the boy behind him, studying him curiously.
"I am Lucifer. The host is away at this time, so I will be leading you inside."
Hao frowned. "I would really rather meet the one who sent the invitation."
"I'm deeply sorry." To prove it, he bowed politely. Straightening, he took X's hand. "She will be with you shortly, or so I believe. This way, please." He led X to the door, then momentarily let go of his hand to open both of the doors. He waited for them to enter before closing them again.

They soon arrived at the closet in one of the numerous hallways. Upon their entrance the four occupants all sat up and stared at the new group.
"May I present to you," Lucifer said regally, "Edward and Alphonse Elric, Hao Asakura, and Kaitou X."
Kurama, L, and Higuchi all nodded in greeting, while Hiei snubbed them with with a grunt, averting his head.
Hao quietly took offense.
"Lucifer? Where is PheonixFox?" Kurama asked politely.
"Not present at this moment--"
"Nevermind! I'm here! I'm here!"
Everyone in the doorway turned to see PheonixFox skipping down the hallway, dragging a silver-haired boy behind her, one with longer hair than X's. "I have Riku! From the Kingdom Hearts World! Isn't that wonderful?"
Lucifer took the time to clap for her, the noise muffled by his black gloves.
She bowed. "Everyone, this is Riku! Say hi, Riku!"
"Why should I? You just dragged me here without my consent!"
"At least you're not duct-taped," L, Kurama, Hiei and Higuchi all chorused simultaneously.
The new arrivals all looked at them quizically, but they were given no more details.
"Welcome to my happy home! Your happy home! Our happy home!"
" 'Our'?" asked Al.
"That means you don't know," said Kurama with a smile. "We're all living here."
Ed, Al, Hao, and Riku all froze. "What??"
"Congratz! You get a house that has everything! Banzai!" cheered PheonixFox. "Welcome, welcome, one and all! I am your host, PheonixFox! We--as in, Lucifer and I--want to wish you well during your stay here!"
Edward demanded, "But WHY?"
"Good question! Adventure!"
"What kind of explanation is that!?"
Hao sighed. "I'm out."
Everyone looked at him.
"Wait," said PheonixFox. "You're in."
"No, I'm out. Didn't you hear me?"
"You seem to be mistaken," said PheonixFox. "You're in. Look around you. Walls, no trees. In."
Hao looked iritated. "You know what I meant. I'm not staying here."
"Oh? Why not?"
"I have things to do."
"What kind of things?"
"Things. Important things."
"That's a LITTLE vague..."
"He's right, though," said Riku. "You can't keep us here."
"I'm not keeping you here. I'm letting you live here. This place has everything, from virtual reality rooms and libraries to training rooms, rooms with crystal balls and maps, dolls, train sets, magic mirrors, star charts, you name it!"
Ed perked up. "Library? Library, plural?"
PheonixFox nodded.
"" Hao asks, confused.
"Different kinds too! Spiritual, physical, mental...there's a games room, an excersize room, a weather room...yup, we've got lots of that stuff!"
"But how?" L asked, ever the realist.
"Doesn't matter! It's awesome, isn't it!" PheonixFox sang. "And trust me, there IS a reason why you're all here! It's just not to be discussed presently. Since it's important, and there are still a few people absent."
Higuchi groaned. "I can't believe this..."

Show, Don't Tell

A bad method in writing is to say constantly, "He/She/I was scared," or "He/She/I was hungry," or sad or angry or excited or whatever.

Here's something you can do once in a while. Take a phrase like what I've just mentioned. like, "I was scared." Elaborate. Tell all about you being scared, without using the word 'scared.' For example:

I was scared.

My legs were trembling with the effort to stand, my teeth chattering nonstop. My hands were clammy and covered in sweat, wringing themselves as I walked forward hesitatanly. The smallest noises made me jump, the wind on the back of my neck making me shiver.

--and so, you get the picture. It's just to practice showing something, without telling.

However, this really only works with feelings. Don't go off talking about long, wooden sticks with suction cups on the end. Just say plunger. No need to get fancy there.

A Little Something to Think About

Things I'd like to note:

To be certain is to be sure. To be a curtain, you hang in front of a window so nobody can peek in.
Their stupid. Their stupid what?
I before E except after C. Unless it's weird. Or your neighbor.
Lay down the bed and lie on top of it.
'Lot' is a noun. People seem to forget that a lot.
Can you use the bathroom? Then perhaps you may.
The farther you go, the further you are.
It's wrong to get its abbreviation wrong.
The past has passed.
It was better than that way back then.
You threw it through the window.
Contemplate on whether the weather is spelt that way.
Who's worried whose isn't right?
You're sure your getting it right?
Be sure that I accept nothing except proper word use.

Then again, I didn't even spell Phoenix properly when I made my name. Well, oh well.