Newest cosplay fad newest cosplay fad is Naruto . One of the best anime ever My sister is cosplaying as Sakura while I cosplay as Sasuke (Cross-dressing is more fun than I would've thought! :D). We've made cardboard Kunai knives, shuriken, Sasuke's Demon Wind Shuriken, shuriken pouches, boots with the toes cut off, and last but certainly not least, our Leaf headbands.

Later today I'm going to post instructions (And maybe pictures if I can get my camera to work) on how we made these things...Out of cardboard, paper, pencils, old T-shirts, some fabric, and a Goldfish box...And maybe a black marker :P

My new project

...Well, this will be fun ._.
In a couple weeks, you guys will know what happens when you have:

An Otaku who:

  • Can't spend money
  • Has a bunch of paper
  • Got a new fancy box of colored pencils for her christmas present
  • And wants to fill up her wall

I'll make this a game ;) If you can guess what I'm going to do (Detective Conan/Case Closed related) then I can make you a nice wallpaper or fanart or card (Ignore my last fanart, I had no scanner so had to do it on my computer which is very hard >>) Ganbarre masu! (I hope at least someone posts a comment on this)

(This image has nothing to do with the contest, FYI)

Day 7: Yukari Sahashi

Sorry for the late post, I was very busy!

So, today I did Yukari, Minato's sister.
External Image

Yay! I get the pretty boy as my sekirei!! <3

Anyways, my sister played Shiina, my sekirei, the pretty boy. :P So first off, we had breakfast(I made scrambled eggs), then we went to Maison Izumo to see Kuu. In the manga, by this current point in time, Shiina had found Kuu. Shiina played with Kuu a bit, while I talked with Minato, Musubi, and Tsukiumi. After that, we went with Minato and Kuu to get lunch at the cafe that, coincidentaly, the twins work at...Well, it WAS going to be Minato, Kuu, Shiina, and I, but Musubi caught wind of it, and we ended up taking all of Minato's Sekirei. -.- Then Musubi and Tsukiumi were going shopping for clothes to wear to Uzume's 'birthday party' (We're pretending it's the day they were released to the world by MBI, thus Uzume No 10.'s birthday would have to be before she met Chiho...So around the end of the year, November or so.) Anyways, Shiina wanted warmer clothes for winter, so we went with them. We got Shiina a good outfit Not gonna tell you what type of outfit it is, though! Then, we started home, and ran into an Ashikabi who challenged us. We, of course, won, but we had to wait for MBI, so it took a good 20 minutes or so. After getting home, I started dinner(Not sure what Shiina was doing during that time, though). After dinner, I taught Shiina how to play 'Rich man, Poor man' (A Japanese playing card game). We played for awhile, and Shiina learned quickly, and kept beating me! Later, we took our baths (Seperately, of course). After we were both done, we went to bed...And that was when I would've done this post, but I was too tired...It was past midnight...*yawn* So anyways, sorry again for the late post!

Tomorrow, I'll be Akitsu! The discarded number :P

Cosplay 5: Haihane

Today's cosplay is Haihane, the Blue Sekirei! (Also part of the discipline squad.)

External Image

Starting off, my cosplay: A white shirt, and white pants, with a black...'overskirt' type thing and a black 'ticky' (As my sister calls it(The peice in the front of my legs)). I also had long black boots, and a black collar. And lastly, I have a jacket, turned insode out, sleeves rolled down(It was too big), and one shoulder pushed down like Haihane's. Ah yes, sorry, don't have any scary claws.

OK, I woke up reeeally early to go to the grocery store *yawn* (And somehow, Karasuba knows how to shop...scary!) so I had an early breakfast and was able to complete my schoolwork before 11 A.M.. So I 'started' my day at 11, basically...Anyways, after lunch, Benitsubasa(Played by my sister) and I went to the bridge and stopped an Ashikabi and his two Sekirei because they were trying to escape. After that, we had a duel, then went swimming in the indoor swimming pool. (In reality, we took a bath, we have no pool ) Then I watched my show (Which is actually a couple anime episodes (On one episode of Season 2, Haihane complains about not being able to watch her favorite show that comes on sometime in the late afternoon)) Then, Benitsubasa was bored so we dueled again, then we started spying on a pair of Ashikabi and Sekirei who were most likely trying to escape. After seeing us, of course, they didn't do anything. So after that, we had dinner (Baked ham and mashed potatoes...mmmm...) and afterwards, we sat around talking to Natsuo, the Discipline Squad's ashikabi.
We then started getting ready for the next day of cosplay (Our outfits were getting uncomfortable :P) Then we headed to bed (After posting this and taking awhile to find matching outfits). Goodnight!

Sooo...Tomorrow we will be the electrifyingly beautiful "Lightning Twins" who have a idiot mooch of an Ashikabi, Hikari and Hibiki!!! (Oh yes, I'll tell you their differences tomorrow ^^)

Cosplay Day 4: Miya

Yay!!! I finally get to do Miya, the landlady!!!

External Image

OK, so for this costume, I used my normal Shrine Maiden Hakama, tied my hair back a bit, and wore my Tabi Socks. (Yeah, the shrine maiden outfit was red, but I didn't have anything better ><)

So all of you must know from previous posts what Miya does, right? Well, I got up early, dressed, and made breakfast (I was tired so I just made fried eggs, fried ham and some green tea, nothing special. :P). Then, Musubi and I hung up the laundry (Actually, I did more schoolwork). After that, I sorted Maison Izumo's 'bills' (Yes, you guessed it, more schoolwork). I then made lunch (We had miso soup and fish) and sparred a bit with Tsukiumi and Musubi. I then started cleaning the house. After all, it's almost time to start New Year's cleaning!!! After cleaning up a bit, I went and played a game of 'Naho' with Kuu and Musubi. Then, while Musubi, Tsukiumi, and Kazehana were having a shopping race, I started the base of dinner (Curry again o/*). When they came back, I finished it up and served it. After dinner, I played some more with Kuu while the others were taking their baths. I then went in with Kuu to the bath for a little bit. I came back and started laying out the futons (Japanese 'sleeping bag' type things) I then proceeded to go to bed with Kuu. (Actually, I wrote this post, and Musubi's post, THEN went to bed.)

I liked playing Miya because she is such a kind character, but she's really strong, too!

OK! Tomorrow I'll play Haihane, another Sekirei who's in the Discipline Squad, MBI's 'hounds'. :)