ok!ive changed the name of this world!and it feelz bettr!yahoo!m so happy now! i hopeu guyz like this betr!i kno i do!i kept the backrouend bcuz i thought it was to cute to change! so i hope u guyz like it bettr!

Thank you BLU!

thanx to BLu im in love with Paramore! @ first i dint kno who they were but then she showed me sum of their music and its awesome!!!!(ps,srry i havent posted in a whil...im kinda busy lately and i jus forget bout my account evry once in a whil!!! srry!)


hey this is bluhart!i kno im on hinatafans name but i found out that this is keys account!i thought it was angels but itz not!so see ya!


ok herez the # of how many ppl voted 4 each cupl
1.kibaxhinata 0
2.narutoxhinata 7
3.sasukexhinata 1

so the winner is NARUHINA!and now 4 tha cute pik i promised you!


ok i wana see who you guyz think hinata belongz wid!and ill post a pic of the winning cupl!so vote!


so vote!and trust me!the pic i post will be vary cute!


im totaly happy that i have new friends!kuz all the kids at my school hate me but u guyz r all totaly cool!cuz u all xcept evryone 4 who they r! and evryone is so diffrnt!evryone bein the same is so BORING!cuz at school itz like evryonez afraid to be an independant person!and cliques get so boring!ppl shuld make new friends and not jus kep the friends that r in the sam clique as them!doez ne one agree wid me??!!