Hi everyone! This will be like my journal, I'll be posting any manga/anime I'm currently into, video games I'm playing, or random tidbits of my life. Hope you enjoy reading!



I know it's just randomly generated, but still!! I'm soooo happy right now!


I feel bad...but only slightly.....

blagh, posting to post. Gonna rant about something for a little while guys, so bear with me. I have Basic Algebra on Thursdays, which I majorly suck at. A good buddy of mine who's a math whiz helps me out a ton. And he's also a Pokemon addict, so we trade and battle together a lot. Unfortunately, his nasty girlfriend Blondy McBitchface Shauna is also in my class, and has been giving me crap for hanging out with him since day one. Lately, our classes have been getting much harder, and I've needed a lot of help so when I can't go to my teacher I go to Jake. He's always happy to help, I just have to ask when Shauna's not around. I've talked to Jake about her being hostile, but he thinks it's no big deal and actually thinks it's sweet that she's jealous. Last week when he was helping me out during class study time, Shauna waltzed over and shoved me into another seat so she could sit and make out with him -_- gag. Today, her hostility reached a peak when she cornered me in the hall after class was over and started throwing all these wild accusations around, how there was no way in hell an ugly wallflower like could ever get a guy like him, blah, blah, blah... After she finished her idiotic ranting, I walked over to her and slapped her as hard as I could across the face. I then proceeded to screamtell her that all my relationships with men have been purely platonic, I've never had a relationship and flat out had no interest in Jake. Jake then picked that moment to walk out of the classroom. She runs to him, sobbing like the fake little bitch that she is, telling him that big mean Liana slapped her for no reason. I tried to explain, but he would have none of it, and now isn't returning any of my calls or texts. I don't feel one bit bad for giving Shauna what she deserved, but I'm scared that I won't get a chance to explain and I'll lose his friendship. It hurt me that he believes his girlfriend of three months over his friend of 2 years. I don't really know what to do at this point. To those who read this, I'd like to hear your thoughts.


My Newest Flash Project!!

Working on a new Flash project just for fun XP Making my own version of this gif file:


Only doing the first 300 frames, and it's a LOT of work but I'm halfway done and it's going to kick ass when I'm done!


Title help plz?

Okay guys, so I'm gonna be posting a comic I made last week on here in the next few days, but I realized I never gave it a title! I'm all out of ideas at the moment, so I could really use some help here. The story is basically about a cat who loves his owner so much he wants to become human and the next day his wish is granted. Kind of lame I know, but most of my ideas come out of my very weird dreams XD Comment or PM me with ideas!


need advice again!

Okay technically this IS for a school project so feedback would really help me out A LOT here. This is a project for my Graphic Design class. The project is: Design a game/tv ad/movie poster/grafitti that would appeal to a specific audience. So the thing that immediately popped into my head was a video game cover, and I "market" it to theOtaku.com community, AKA you guys :3 I've kinda got rough ideas for the layout and whatnot, I'm just not sure if this is a good idea. If I get enough response, I'll post the stuff I've got and eventually the final product. Thoughts plz?