Hi everyone! This will be like my journal, I'll be posting any manga/anime I'm currently into, video games I'm playing, or random tidbits of my life. Hope you enjoy reading!

I'm Baaaaack.....

Hey guys. Some of you may be wondering where I've been for the past week and a half. I finally had my surgery to remove a benign tumor in my brain that was causing my migraines, among other things. Five hours later, I'm tumor free and ready to go home, but my doctors insisted on keeping me at the hospital for three days for observation. One thing I learned during my stay: Hospital beds have all the comfort of laying on a bag of sand. At least the hospital cafeteria food is good :) So I'm officially back to normal and drawing better than ever. Just wanted to let ya know that I'm not dead.



Good Lord, if I don't have severe carpel tunnel after this project is done, it'll be a freaking miracle. Still very hard at work on my final project, the collab with my dear friend Razi-chan of the Smoooch Beatmania flash animation. Normally I kee...

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*cries happy tears* After a whole day of tinkering with the Flash program, I have finally managed to make something interactive. It's not amazing but at least I tried. I'm so happy right now!



Okay, so apparently I'm a master chef now....

LOL yeah. Yesterday on my noon lunchbreak, I noticed a coworker of mine looking depressed. I asked what the matter was, and she said that she had forgotten her lunch at home, and didn't have the money or time to get something from the cafe down the street. Feeling bad, I grabbed an extra paper plate out of my bag, and gave her half of my lunch. My lunch yesterday was the creamy lemon pasta with zucchini and chicken that I had made the night before. I always make enormous portions, so there was more than enough for both of us. After we had finished, she wouldn't stop praising me on how delicious it was and begged me for the recipe. I wrote down the recipe, and today I've got like 10-15 people asking me for the recipe. Apparently, my coworker went home and made it herself so she could share it with the rest of the store workers. Now everyone keeps saying how amazing it is. I feel flattered, but I don't feel like it deserves this much praise. I'm not a great cook, all I do is experiment with food when my mother isn't home. But I do appreciate that people like my cooking.


There is no way that this day could possibly get worse...

yeah, title says it all. This morning while helping my mom with the barn, I accidentally slipped on an ice patch that I couldn't see. Now I have a broken left wrist and a twisted ankle DX As if that didn't suck enough, I was just told by my radiologist that I need emergency surgery to remove two benign tumors in my brain. This surgery happens to be at the end of the month, which totally blows my plans to go to Anime Boston with blubail333 all to hell. My doctor tells me that the surgery is 99% effective, but right now I am too pissed off and scared out of my mind to care TT_TT Ignore my meltdown, I'm just ranting as usual.