Hi everyone! This will be like my journal, I'll be posting any manga/anime I'm currently into, video games I'm playing, or random tidbits of my life. Hope you enjoy reading!


.....I finally joined Facebook about a week ago. Been able to connect with my high school buddies, family, and some older friends. If anyone on here feels like adding me as a friend, comment and I'll give you my name. I NEED MORE FRIENDS FOR NO APPARENT REASON :D


Hating the Internet right now >:(

Time for more pointless ranting. Guys, remind me to never, ever post my opinion on anything on Youtube again. EVER. Just because I watch a video a friend sent me and I post saying I'm not a fan of a line in the song should not give people license to jump all over me and metaphorically eviscerate me. I feel like I'm not even allowed to have my own opinion anymore. What right does someone have to call me an ignorant b**** because I think a certain line is offensive? The Internet can be a good thing, but it also gives people the right to stomp all over someone else's feelings just to be nasty. I have a tendency to say what I feel without holding back, but I tend to keep it to a bare minimum on the web. I've learned that my personality is a reason why I don't have many friends. I've been called stuck up, little ms. priss, and a total b**** because I am overly serious and stick to my opinions. I can put my opinion out there, but instead of finding kindred spirits, I am met with unjustified venom and scorn. People don't want an honest opinion anymore, they want someone who will blindly agree with everything that is said. Well, I'm not that person, so you can take your cybernetic trash talk and shove it where the sun don't shine. Am I being to uptight about this, or are there others that have the same problem?

Sorry, I know that I shouldn't let something so stupid get to me, but I don't like being a target for someone's misplaced aggression just because they need someone to take it out on. I'm in a bad spot emotionally right now, so anything negative tends to set me off like this. Sigh....people suck. They just suck. Not everyone, but ya gotta search pretty damn hard to find a decent person nowadays, it seems.


Kid Icarus: Uprising

I got Kid Icarus: Uprising a few days ago and it is AMAZING!!

The only problem I have with it: I can't feel my left index finger and thumb for the time being. They're very numb )X


damn you artist's block!!

For the past month and a half, I have put pencil to paper and there is just...nothing. Zip, nada, zilch. Even when I attempt to draw something, I get dissatisfied with the idea that I sort of have and it goes into my recycling bin. I want to draw so bad, but nothong comes to mind. DAMMIT ARTIST'S BLOCK, STOP STIFLING MY CREATIVITY.

I want this. SO. BADLY

*fangirls all over the place* I nearly died of shock when I heard that Aksys was localizing this. An actual console otome game in English?! And no, YoJinBo: the Bodyguards doesn't count because the localization of that sucked, plain and simple. Getting the limited edition because I love artbooks and I'm a sucker ;)