Hi everyone! This will be like my journal, I'll be posting any manga/anime I'm currently into, video games I'm playing, or random tidbits of my life. Hope you enjoy reading!

Absolutely amazing...

Just came back from the bookstore and picked up the sixth volume of With the Light. It's a manga that deals with autistic children and the struggles they encounter in everyday life. For those of you that know me personally, this is not a manga I would normally think to pick up. For me, this manga really hit home, mainly because I am autistic. If you don't know what autism is, I strongly urge you to look it up. Autistic people have a very hard, if not impossible, time coping with everyday situations. Autism manifests itself very differently in every person, so regular people don't know how to interact with us. We are subject to heartless, insensitive remarks and the consistent thought that we are lazy or improperly raised by the parents that try so desperately to understand us. Not only does With the Light give a proper perspective on what it like to be autistic, but it sheds light on the parents' personal struggle with their childrens' disability. It is an absolutely amazing manga, and I do wish that someone will complete it, as the mangaka died last year T^T.



I am now officially a college student! I got my letter of acceptance in the mail today and I start in the fall. Bachelor's degree in Game Art and Animation, here I come!! *does happy dance*

uh, rant I guess?

Hey all, just got back from Portcon a few days ago ans I think I'm finally out of my Pocky coma. I love that convention, it's super fun!
Now, onto (sort of) other things.....

That Soul Eater piccie I posted yesterday I actually entered into the Portcon art contest because my mom forced me to. I hate entering contests because when I don't win or see that people like my work, my self esteem and artistic pride get pile drived into the ground. That's what I hate about art, it's all based on others' personal preferences. So needless to say I did not win or even get so much as an honorable mention. So now my self esteem and will to pick up my pencil and sketchbook are sitting at the bottom of a 6 foot deep mental crater right now. I NEED CONSOLING!!!!

~Lumi TT^TT


I'm about ready to toss my computer out the freaking window. Seriously, whoever invented computer programming software SUCKS. I'm in the middle of trying to create my own GTS server for HG/SS so I can be nice and give some ubermons to my friends, but trying to figure it out is driving me insane!! Download this , download that, drag this into this file, turn off firewall settings and program it this way, then unzip this file using this program and check your router; reset it's settings to these better ones etc. etc. etc. I've been at it for an entire day now and I'm maybe two steps closer and I just know whatever I'm doing wrong is something glaringly obvious. It figures, I try to do something to benefit me and my friends and my computer seems hellbent on punishing me for it...........................

~A very mentally exhausted Lumi


So one of my friends ahem*coughSTRAWBERRY167cough* got me readdicted to Pokemon. Now my mom can't tear me away from my DS long enough to do anything productive. So thanks, Strawberry. Thanks a lot.......