Welcome One And Welcome All.
This is the world of Gensokyo.

Just pm me your character sheet [here] and you will have joined, that is, if you want to that is...
And current rules are [here]. and I know there aren't very much...

Current Members:
Azof: Shadowfiend
Kaira: purplerose12
Mioku-Kun: Frankkaiba

Note: I do not own this image, I just thought it would be cool.
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Also PM me if you have any questions.

I won!

External Image
Here is the image that I posted for the Touhou Challenge.


Only thing is that there were ONLY 2 ENTERITIS!

Still a win.

Touhou Challenge

Not mine.
If you want to participate, DO IT QUICKLY!

Frankkaiba's Character

Name/Nickname: Mioku-Kun
Title: Fighter

Boy/Girl: Boy

Power(s): Power block, Speed burst, Agility, Reverse energy
Spell Cards: Origin Sign "Ephemerality 137"

Race: Human

Occupation: Free-form fighter

Hair: Black, Medium length with red bangs
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Basic Outfit: A white medium sleeved sweater with black leather wristbands on both wrists, A pair of brown cargo pants and a pair of goth boots.

Personality: A good fun character to hang out with at anime parties, lan parties and normal hangouts

Favorites/Dislikes: likes anime, likes gaming, dislikes noobs, dislikes broken characters.

Other: a pair of thin glasses and scar on the right side from above the left eyebrow to 1" below the eyelid.
Thanks for joining.

Way to get people to understand Touhou

Alright... Some people might not know what Touhou is, I was one of them.
This is were I downloaded a Touhou game. Here is a link to the GBA Emulator to run the game.
It is legal as far as I have seen and researched. It is a game that someone took the original Pokemon Emerald game and made a Touhou version. The idea for people to do is to, when they find a new Touhou character, they Wiki that character and learn about that character.

For those who WILL do this, first evolution have a C before there name such as CReimu for example.

If someone dose find that this is actually illegal, I will delete this post.

Also pm me if you have questions.

Also Digilover gave me this [link]

Kaira Valentine

Name/Nickname: Kaira Valentine
Title: assassin
Boy/Girl: girl

Power(s): floating, shape shifting, controlling dark energy
Spell Cards: (ダークカノン, dark canon)

Race: zombie

Occupation: guardian of the scarlet devils

Hair: silver, long when ironed, short when curled
Height: 5'7''
Weight: n/a
Basic Outfit: a dark reddish black cloak buttoned the middle. a red blouse cut up to cover her breast, shorts, and leggings on on leg and socks on the other, flats sandles.

Personality: really nice, fun, and active, if you get on get bad side she will consider you an enemy immediately
Favorites/Dislikes: likes sweets, her mother, cute things, fighting, boys,and friends. dislikes sour things, her father,monsters,being lazy,snobs, and ducks
Other: nothing more than that.

Finally a new member!

Thanks for joining!