Black, white... combination of those are the combination of our dreams. Dreams that one day we shall win this ever lasting darkness and keep the balance of the world as it is.

This is the world dedicated to Bleach and everything that follows around it.

So, a calculation...

So, let me see. The last post before the actual de facto "last post" was of chapter 530 aaand this one is of chapter 593 (right?).

Sooo... 593 - 530 = 63.
63 chapters means 63 weeks! Add about 7 weeks of holidays and Kubo's "I want to sleep" weeks and we get 70. So 70 weeks, huh.. 52 makes a year, umm... oh, WOW!!

It has been quite some time. ._.

Will this series end?

I had to pick something for the title.. I just had to, especially seeing how much time has passed since my last post and since the last time I glanced with a more detailed look at a new Bleach chapter.

Yes, chapter. Manga still goes on, with anime nowhere to be seen. But, yeah, have you watched Inuyasha? That anime also got delayed because of a never-ending race of a turtle and rabbit between the manga and anime, in the end actually the rabbit made a decision it seems. It waited and the same is happening to the current manga.

I sometimes feel like the chapters that we get are not enough to fill Tite's wish of this series with only 17 pages per week, but the again sometimes I feel that he just takes a bucket full of white and black and tosses it on the paper...

The last chapter was not bad, in fact it was interesting, so... well, nothing more to say really. Mayuri pulled an Izanami attack on Hitsugaya I guess, but that I wouldn't know what that is, some Naruto attack I guess.. I just know Izanami from Persona 4 and Japanese folklore, so that's to that!

Full on full, captain fight! Not a long one, but hey, you take what you get.

Comment time: Bleach 530

Yuup, understand him completely.. That's how I am when I get in my toilets. First of all I make sure that everyone understands their position, put up a straight face and tell them to their own.. Yuup..

Joke on the side, I may sometimes put short posts like this about the new manga chapters of Bleach, just like I did months ago, except little more random this time.

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Time to look back, to look forward

Hello there everyone, long time no see! I think that it is about time for me to post something new here, so let's see what happened in the past few weeks...

Bleach as it is, ended with current anime. It ended with the Lost Shinigami arc, but fear not, it will return!
It is only for the time being, because anime has almost caught up to the manga and they don't want to release anymore any fillers. They noticed that it crashes their budget and that they have run out of ideas, so it is best to just wait for some time and then return with the anime.

By my calculations, it might take some time. By average each episode takes at least 2 manga chapters, and each chapter comes out only once per week, meaning... yes, at least one, but probably maybe even so more than one year of waiting for it to continue.

Still the last manga arc is so good, it just can't be explained. It takes back to very roots of Bleach (more actually when they were somewhere along the Arrancar arc) and delivers us only what we want.

The last arc in anime was also pretty good, while slow in the beginning, later it proved its quality.

~ I hope that you all fans will stay united and wait for the grand finale of this legendary anime!