Ponies Wip

A little something i have got the time to work on ~~
It's a commission for *japookins on dA. He wanted some of his charas as ponies ~~ <3 will colour them after exams. (ノ;◇;)ノ Can't wait to finish exams so i can work more on all my projects! My focus will be mainly on my manga First Crush which i have been avoiding due to uni projects ९(ेД॔)७ and life lol ~~ I also want to consider working on a piece for a project i saw on dA + some drawings for myself which are season related ~~ got Autumn so that leaves 3 more drawings. Will try to finish Winter in February ~~(▰˘◡˘▰)*:・゚’✿,。・:*

*hugs* for all of those in need ❤

FC: Natsumi Hana - Summer flowers

Long time no post!!! I'm really sorry for this! You can always watch me on DA: http://magicbut3rfly.deviantart.com/ but i'm not that active there also because life is busy lol ~~

A little wip i'm working on since forever. Natsumi Hana from my manga First Crush. Something summer themed i guess. Will see what the result is going to be ヽ(*`ヮ´*)ノ

Night Academy

I had some other 3 drawings with the charas of Night Academy ( changed previous name - Night Scool ;P ) and i remade them xD . Will color these someday ... D: . The lineart didn't take much time bacause i already had the idea from the previous drawings but coloring will take some time ... hope i can color these someday soon , along with the previous 2 drawings i did in pencil.


Didn't draw much ... just colored the mermaid commission i started in January ;P. Will post it soon on DA and maybe here. I'll work on another commission really soon but first i need to make a plan on how to make time for all i'm working on; meaning ~~

  • new commission ; deadline about 16 March 2011
  • drawing for Island Fantasy artbook ; deadline 1 March 2011
  • work on my projects
  • school
  • reading
  • free time xD


I'll be short this time ^^ expecting some guests xD

~~ in the time i feel ok i try to finish a commission i have to do ...
So here's a mermaid work this time xD
I used three A4 pages lol ...

Hope i can color this soon ~~ I'll do my best and try to finish it in a couple of days xD.I have a deadline in the future ... 20 days from now i think *^^* plenty of time.

Ito Kawaii

I am currently working on a story / just the drawings i had an idea of a long time ago ~~

This is Itō Kawaii >u< the female character .

Can you guess her hair colour? xD I already know what it will be ... hope i can colour her soon TT^TT . I actually shaded this drawing but i won't post it very soon ~~ i'll wait a little ;P

Other main characters will be 2 guys ~~ brothers i think xD Don't have a name for them ... i will try to find something suitable for those characters.

Must go back to work now ... i have to do some school exercises and after a commission ~~ ( sailor moon related yay )