Annoying the killer

Tobi lay on the ground, tracing the black groves on the mask straped to his face. The elastic band holding it fast to his face pulled relentlessly as he plucked the side of it by his ear, making a bango-like tune.

"Tobi, stop that-un!" Deidara exclaimed, annoyed. Deidara turned his head sharply, making his sun-flower yellow hair fly in front of his blue eye.
He sighed, resting his head on his shoulder. The feild in witch the two were sitting's grass blew gentlely in the wind, caressing the side of Tobi's hand, making him giggle in his tenor voice.

"Shut up now, Tobi, UN! You know full well that i would trade my arms for the ability to run away, as far as i could, away from you. So just shut the frick up, and try your very hardest to not make a bigger idiot of yourself as you can." Deidara ranted.

"Dei-sempia, shhh!" Tobi whispered.

"Oh-OH! I know you did not just shush me! Now, i am going to-oh."
Deidara shouted. But, he stopped short, at the sight of a firgure on the horizon. Tobi turned to Deidara, both knowing that the place they were resting was completely abandoned. Who would be out here? The surrounding area had been in a violent fire only a month ago.

"Dei-sempia, its, its, its-" Tobi stammered.

"Its a dog, tobi, a stupid dog." Deidara concluded.

Tbi walked over to Deidara, and playfully shoved his forward, and forcing him to tumble down the grassy hill. Deidara looked up from the base of the hill, glaring at the black-clad Uchiha.

"It was not a dog, Dei-sempia, it was a evil wolf, and i just sacrifficed you to her." Tobi explained with passion.

Deidara scowled, then put on a bright smile. "Tobi-kun, come here, helo me up, i won't hurt you."

Tobi stepped back, and said frightenly, "N-no, that's what you always say befor you break one of my bones!"

Deidara grined evilly, "No, no, I'm not going to break your bones."

"Your not!?" Tobi shouted happily.

"No, silly. I going to rip your face into shreds, then i'm going to dislocate every joint you hav-hey! Hey, Wait!" the man with grass bits in his golden locks yelled at the top of his lungs.

Tobi ran all the way home that day.