Forgotten the times , yet i have returned im glad that the web site is still here.
life is too crazy, now that i am free for a little while i figure i write some thing for old times sake.

Do you see me ? or am i just like air ?
i said somthing that i shouldn't have and now im regretting, sorry i did that, i felt sad and depressed now my friends are leaving to go some where else, at less away from me. My love, did i offended you because i wanted to see you or do you feel ashamed that fact that you might feelings for me and dont want anything to do with me? At last, i wont bother if you want that space.
i will leave every one alone, it seems i need space too, i still miss some one but i dont know who maybe it was no one. i didnt want this to sound too much like a depression letter just need to get the idea out of my head. I have so many bad things in my head yet i cant write it here so pen and paper always help, am i getting too old for this or just over thinking it as i go through days in my life.

sorry have fun ppl


Good to be alive
destiny to choose end
laugh to death is faith


Hello my name is Rokko, every thing that has happen it seems to be a waste of time weather it was done by you or some thing done to you, every thing i have written all has made no sense but yet at the end of my own life it will, Just like everyone...

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How much time can go by without the realizing the world that we use to know is gone?
Did we fall into a dream where it seems real, the reason we can live is we are being fed through some tube that we cant see or even feel because we are eating in our dream? The years had gone by without me doing any thing to live out my youth, just like the flow of water I watched my friends die ether by drinking them selves to death or drugged. I'm not alone with this I know every one had that friend, old and new. Now that I'm physically alone it helps me think and reflect on how I can live yet I wont change, I wont mange my life just some random people can acknowledge me and approve me. Nothing is forever, I'm glad for that I want to write a story and so I will.

ADBD maybe its double

Happy New Years!!!!
Random people that enjoy a random read, thus I will report that i'm still alive.

Weird stuff that happens when you shut your self in for a good while, one, you have extreme and random conversation with the television and games you play.
Two, being away from people you talk too seems to be going out of town just cause of money problems, drugs and drinking. Though they don't have to move out for short period of time to kick out the habits and raise up the money, yet it works better to confine themselves to somewhere where the temptations can't reach them.
Three, Even though you have a huge pile of mess you must organize, you run out of things to do but then you realize you have hobbies.

Construct or not to, did someone or something got to be in the way? Or its just your self in a monster suit or you are the wall, it would be way more devilish if it's your self in the way of your creative flow. Yet everybody that has creative flow should be able to over come that wall or "stuck" people like to call it, wonder if someone must do something extreme to unleash the creative juices. i mean majority of the time i must force my self to write, i don't even write that much just a few words and thus my madness grows just like a virus and just like a virus it mutates to adapt to new cures.
On that note I realize my writing is mostly rants on whats wrong with the world, but really i want to write about stories and maybe to add more to horror movies.

Cheers to all the people in the world, happy new years.