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Goodbye Geocities

I’m packing my files from Geocities, and my eyes are feeling a bit watery. No, I’m not crying… My eyes hurt from staring at the monitor too long without blinking that much… Who would have thought that a few megabytes can be a lot o...

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Kamina Facts

Random Facts about Kamina, in no particular order... Kamina does not punch enemies...

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The Great Escape

Chapter 1: “I don’t believe this!” A voice echoed through the hallways of the stone-walled prison and was suddenly heard in the middle of the night. Some disgruntled voices immediately answered with complaint...

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The House Next Door

When I was a kid, that place scared the heck out of me. Who wouldn’t? Grandma would often tell us stories back then of that house. “A horrible monster lives there. It has white, sharp teeth that can crush your bones and long cla...

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Unhappy Campers

"I really should have been better prepared." Jack bitterly laments at the situation he is currently in. Standing in front of a pile of ingredients that he had gathered earlier, he never thought that he might miss the most crucial thi...

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