*This world is not only about cats and dogs..it's basically about all kinds of animals*

If I had a cat it would be.......

......definitely a Russian Blue.
I find this breed really interesting even though I'm not a cat person.
Their stunning blue eyes and their grayish-blue fur makes me want to
know more about them |。◕‿‿◕。|

[Meet My DOG]

This is mah dog <3
Her looks might deceive you >:)

Adventure Time {Jake}

Meet Jake XD the cute stretchy dog whose girlfriend is a unicorn
that flies :O

Fist off what I like about this character is that he's like Reed from
Fantasic 4/ Helen from the Incredibles.
=Only this doggie is WAAY better XD. WHY?
Well! he can stretch to anything he likes! eg. A Hammer
Secondly, If Jake was real & he was your pet...he would definitely
protect you from evil people >:)

Hiiro no Kakera [O-chan]

YAY~ First entry!

Recently, I've been watching the anime "Hiiro no Kakera" which is originally
a video game :) The anime's good .I can't help staring at that cute
foxlike thing <3 O-chan is soo adorable!!
Now I imagine...what if I had a pet like that?..First it would be weird
cause I'll be the only one who could see it..But who cares? LOL