In this world there lives two types of intelligent beings. The humans and the nagual. The nagual are half-human, half-animal people. Nagual have animal ears and a tail, but the rest of them is human. There are two types of nagual, the cats and the wolves. Both types can shape-shift into their animal forms at any time.

Like animals, nagual are categorized to get a better understanding of their appearance and relation. Wolves are divided into species and colors such as gray, white, black, etc. Cats are grouped the same way, such as tiger, leopard, etc. Because they can shift, nagual are often mistaken for natural animals.

For centuries the nagual have lived hidden lives separate of humans. They live in fear of what humans might do to them if they were discovered. Since humans populate most of the earth, nagual must find areas to live where they are scarce. These areas are usually deep forests, harsh deserts, grasslands, tundras, and even the cold arctic; anywhere that there is free land not taken by humans, nagual will live. These areas are typically inhabited by the wolves. The cats, however, live differently. Most of the cats live on one large piece of land they call the City of Nahai; the word Nahai being a variation of the word nagual, the word by which they are called and is itself taken from an ancient language used once long ago by their kind.

Conflicts aren’t limited to only humans and nagual, but both types of nagual. The cats and wolves have never gotten along since ancient history depicts, cliched yes, but very true. Thus, the two types have a tendency to live as far away from each other as geographically possible, showing their undisputed hate for each other. Countless battles and wars have risen from this hate, bringing about much bloodshed. Many lands have suffered from the destruction of these wars, whether it be from great fires, mass slaughter, or the rampaging feet of many angry nagual.

And that is where our story begins, in a village destroyed from the aftermath of genocide.